Once again I want to thank you for your measured, sane, grounded, truly enlightening, and inspiring report. I am so glad that I was introduced to you. I cannot express my full gratitude as it seems this report has lifted off a lot of weight from my heart and my life. I feel now that there is nothing I have to fear or worry about. How huge is that? Blessings and much gratitude for your very clear report… sensible and yet profound. I do hope you can thank the Akashic beings who shared this with you… for it has changed my life.  THANK YOU.

Ruth A., Marin, CA

Elia’s work is exquisite. I’ve had readings in tarot and astrology before, but have not experienced anything like what Elia offers.  After receiving a Tarot reading about a family dynamic I have been struggling with all of my adult life, something tremendous shifted, and for the first time in years, I had fun at a family gathering. I laughed…more than once! I can feel the shift from Elia’s reading permeating through layers and layers of gunk as I relate to everyone in my family with more ease, and they relate back to me with an openness I have not experienced for a very long time.  BTW: this reading was done through email  — her intuitive perception is palpable, even over the internet waves. Elia’s work is truly divine and I cannot recommend it enough.

Joanna Rotkin, Boulder, CO

Writing a testimonial for Elia is easy.  She has given me readings that I have remembered and reflected on for years afterwards.  She foreshadowed things, like super specific things, that have left me pretty awestruck, and knowing I was right on track.  I have always appreciated how succinctly she articulates herself and my chart.  To be honest, I didn’t really respect astrology until I met her.  She is the real deal.  Groundedness in this field is super important to me.  I’ve seen her for energy clearing work as well, and again… major impact.  It in fact has led me to pursue learning the craft.  Elia is a consummate professional, and worth every penny.  No need to hesitate.  Time is precious.  Go for it!  I’m so grateful to have had her support and inspiration on my journey!

Kamila Loupal, LMT, Portland, OR

Elia is a real-deal healer, which is to say, she knows my work is my Work, with the capital W and her job is to help facilitate the process rather than “heal” me. She’s non-pretentious, serious, funny, insightful, and kind. She reads my chart with a scientific thoughtfulness, is intuitive about past experiences and future possibilities because of her understanding of Akashic records, and yet she speaks with down-to-earth language that keeps me grounded rather than leaving me with my head in the clouds and nowhere to go. Both her audio commentary and the written summary are so helpful to have in my possession, because, like a good book (and a good writer), the feedback is something I can hear and read over and over and in order to get new insights for myself, see myself in new ways, and yes, grow and heal, the point of why I came to Elia in the first place. I’ve found that the readings she’s given me have stuck with me and helped me process a difficult birth experience, a major move, and mid-life career shifts. I printed out her last summary and keep it above my desk to help me focus when I’m working and to know I have a supportive helper who sees me and hears me, and thus helps me know myself. I recommend Elia to everyone who has any interest in understanding their life’s journey better and bettering their life overall.

Nancy S., Oregon City, OR

Knowing Elia is knowing the breadth of kindness.
With her ability to sense the deeper workings at play within her clients she joins you in a wondrous ride of exploration, bringing forward insights you can use to discover your unique truth to live a life of intense joy. I recommend her highly to be the person to help you get there.

Mira, Huntington Beach, CA

Elia is a natural healer.
She has helped me beyond words. It really amazes me how a session works over the phone, but it does! You can be anywhere in the world and receive a healing session with her. The most beautiful part of the whole experience is that the healing is long lasting- meaning your spirit and life seems to unfold over several months.
It is quite remarkable.

Debra, York, PA

I am fortunate to have experienced the “full suite” of Elia’s offerings.  First, the unique “Evolutionary Astrology” session provided probing insights into my character, challenges and presumed life purpose that has provided an invaluable new framework to guide my life onto a path more true to myself.  Next, a set of three vibrational healings have cleared out some significant physical and emotional blockages in my system.  I feel much more vital and connected to my life energies.  Finally, her Tarot readings have been able to provide engaging guidance on how to deal with some complex situations I find myself in.  Thank you so much for your help Elia!

Wayne, Portland, OR

I have worked with Elia for several astrology sessions.  Each one is a deepening into myself and my unique soul’s journey.  I find that I’m much better able to flow with obstacles and challenges as they show up in my life based on the accurate, clear guidance from Elia.  This allows me to stay in the creative flow, move out of fear and into trust.  I can’t tell you what type of impact that has on me as a self-employed business owner.  It helps me to keep allowing financial abundance.  Elia’s presence is strong, yet gentle.  She has an open spiritual connection, combined with a feminine style of analysis of my chart.  Her unique way of sharing astrology helps me to receive the guidance in much deeper ways than when I’ve worked with other astrologers.  Thank you so much, Elia, for the positive impact you have on my life!

Julie, Pukalani, HI

Elia centers her readings so solidly into our real lives. She brings a loving and deep sensibility to her interpretations of the cards; a sensibility that asks good questions as a way of encouraging and a wider ‘allowing’, gives sound advice and guidance, and brings her exuberance and laughter to the mix. Yes, she has a reverence for her choice of cards, not only because of the gorgeous artwork and careful symbolism, but because of the truths she knows they potentially hold for everyone.

Lana L. Portland, OR

Elia’s hands-on energy healing brought new life for me.  She helped me release pain-filled, wounded energy patterns.  She held those places with gentle, loving energy.  She shows caring and respect for me and for my unique process. What a great healer!

Peter M., WV

If you are thinking of receiving an astrological reading and seeking deeper healing in your life Elia is the one!
Elia is an exceptionally gifted healer and astrologer. Her deep wisdom, experience and passion to serve people for their highest good pours through her readings. As she taps into her wellspring of astrological wisdom and gifted intuition for people the reading becomes a transformational experience that seeks to help you integrate all aspects of yourself. She offers deep support and tremendous insight into oneself and our journey towards wholeness.
One of Elia’s greatest gifts is her stunning heart, and her ability to help us see ourselves more clearly; to give hope and inspiration for our lives.

Mara, Portland, OR

Elia is a brilliant reader of astrological charts. I have had her read my birth chart and she has also read my chart with my partner for a relationship reading. I have had my chart read many times by others and have left feeling overwhelmed and even confused. Elia’s readings are clear and inspiring. She knits together all the pieces and offers a really clear lens though which I am able to see myself more objectively. I feel I have gained perspective that allows me to accept myself more and then to make clearer decisions in my life. Thank you Elia for shining the light.

Lisa, Portland, OR

Elia’s reading spoke to the exact challenges I was facing at the time, and gave me the clear guidance on how to navigate my experience with more ease and grace.  I left feeling 100% empowered to step more fully into my life path.
Following Elia’s guidance has resulted in deep inner peace and a space for more of what I want in my life to show up.  Elia’s compassion and depth of life experience allowed her to really be with me.  I felt understood, held and loved.

Julie, Jacksonville, FL

Elia is a gentle and compassionate soul who has the ability to meet people in their current state.  What I enjoyed most about both the tarot card and astrological birth chart reading is Elia’s command of knowledge and her insightfulness into the situation.  I came away hopeful with a new way to process and look at life.

Heather, Portland, OR