The Tarot is an ancient tool for channelling intuition and Divine guidance, comprised of a deck of 78 cards (typically) and chock full of imagery, symbolism, and correlations with other metaphysical systems. Tarot is my go-to daily tool for answering questions, getting guidance, and understanding life’s challenges.

I’m a compassionate reader, but I’m a straight shooter too. The Tarot isn’t all angels and puffy bunnies; however there is wisdom in both light and dark. There’s nothing to be afraid of—even with those “scary” cards—because the Tarot doesn’t foretell things “out there” that are going to happen to you. As I read the cards, they describe inner energies and urges, and opportunities to develop and explore.

So let’s dive in!

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Life Purpose Reading

This 9 -12 card reading will empower you with knowledge about current inner and outer energies that may be affecting your sense of purpose, as well as past life influences that need to be integrated, the three key areas of your present life purpose, and potential outcomes to get you fired up about your future.

$108 • email reading

Past Life Reading

I find the cards really speak in this reading, which is a 12-card exploration of two past lives and the gifts and lessons you are bringing forward from those lifetimes. If you are curious about your soul’s journey, want to understand your current lifetime more clearly, and bring cosmic clarity to a pressing situation or present-life issue, this reading is for you.

$108 • email reading 

General Question Reading

If you’ve got a specific question or issue that you need practical guidance for, this meaty reading is for you. I’ll draw 5-15 cards–guided by intuition, of course–to bring clarity, understanding, and action steps to the situation.

Read a sample reading here.

$108 • email reading

Test the Water Mini-Reading

Not sure about Tarot? Curious but not committed? This little reading is a way to test the waters. A 3-card mini reading for ONE question, such as, “how can I best move forward with my new job?” or “what guidance do I need during this difficult time in my relationship?” You can add surrounding details to the question or not; but the question itself is singular and straightforward. 

$44 • email reading