tarot-1775322_1920The Tarot is an ancient tool for channelling intuition and Divine guidance, comprised of a deck of 78 cards (typically) and chock full of imagery, symbolism, and correlations with other metaphysical systems. Tarot is my go-to daily tool for answering questions, getting guidance, and understanding challenges.

In a Tarot reading, you will have the opportunity to ask a specific number of questions and receive guidance about those issues.

I’m a compassionate reader, but I’m a straight shooter too. The Tarot isn’t all angels and puffy bunnies; however there is wisdom in both light and dark. There’s nothing to be afraid of—even with those “scary” cards—because the Tarot doesn’t foretell things “out there” that are going to happen to you. As I read the cards, they describe inner energies and urges, and opportunities to develop and explore.

So let’s dive in!

Live Readings

Live readings are 60 minutes, via Skype, Zoom, or on a free conference line (no video).

If you are interested in a package of sessions, please go here.

Individual Email Readings

Select the number of questions you want, or type of reading below. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours to clarify your question and give you a time frame in which you will receive your reading. Once we agree I’ll send you a PayPal request and you’ll get your email reading report in the time we’ve agreed on.

Single Question • $35

This is ONE question, such as, “how can I best move forward with my new job?” or “what guidance do I need during this difficult time in my relationship?” You can add surrounding details to the question or not; but the question itself is singular and straightforward.

Two Question • $65

As it sounds. Two questions. Can be related or not. I may read for both in one spread, or do separate spreads depending on what you ask, details you provide, and my intuitive instincts.

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