What to Know About the 2021 Saturn/Uranus Square

Saturn is now in Aquarius for the next two and a half years. He brings his slow, steady, granular, and grinding energy to the themes that Aquarius rules: freedom, technology, exploration, the tribe/collective … and shadow themes of trauma, fixed ideologies, and repression of new ideas because of trauma or fixed ideologies.

Working With 2020 Retrograde Cycles

All the planets will be retrograde sometime within the next seven months—many of them at the same time. This is a lot of energy to be moving inward, just as the more severe lock downs we’ve been experiencing are starting to reverse. With so many planets going “backward,” it may seem like we actually won’t … Continue reading Working With 2020 Retrograde Cycles

What’s In Store for 2018

Let's get right into business here ... 'cause there's a lot to talk about with the planetary activity in 2018. Meta Themes Resources, surviving/thriving, building, enduring, practical action. Review of relationships, power structures, and personal truth. In numerology, it's a Two year. We will be building upon seeds of change and new thought we put … Continue reading What’s In Store for 2018

Between 40 and 45? Totally Overwhelmed by Life Changes? Astrology Can Help!

Have you hit your fabulous forties, only to find that life is craaaazy? That the sky is falling in, or at least part of the ceiling, and that all of a sudden your life is falling apart too? Are you feeling confused by sudden change? Overwhelmed by the loss of a primary relationship? Job? Health? … Continue reading Between 40 and 45? Totally Overwhelmed by Life Changes? Astrology Can Help!