Recognizing and Understanding Karmic Relationships

Have you ever felt that pull of instant recognition in the eyes of someone who later became a trusted friend or lover? Or had a strange repulsion to someone you didn’t know but were pulled into a relationship anyway? I know I have, and it’s one of the most common questions people bring to relationship … Continue reading Recognizing and Understanding Karmic Relationships

When Past Life Info Is Useful, and When It’s Not

All of us here in the mystic set have gotten pretty glib about tossing around the term “past life.” Guilty as charged, me. A LOT of the work I do is focused around past life information, especially the Akashic Record readings. While I believe, obviously, perhaps, that knowing past life origination of karma, beliefs, and … Continue reading When Past Life Info Is Useful, and When It’s Not

The Myth of the One

“When will I meet the ONE?” “Is he/she/they the ONE?” “Do I have a soulmate?” “I love my husband, but I don't think he's my twin flame … should I leave him?” These questions are soooo common in readings, and I find it disturbing that so many of us--yes, I asked many of those questions … Continue reading The Myth of the One