How to Create and Use a Tarot Journal

Do you want to learn to read tarot? Intrigued by the magical relationship that tarot readers seem to have with their cards? The art (and magic) of reading cards comes when you develop an intuitive relationship with your deck, as well as learning the traditional archetypal meanings. Keeping a journal of your readings, insights, and … Continue reading How to Create and Use a Tarot Journal

Creating Your Future

I haven't made resolutions in years. But this year, I've been inspired--not to "resolve" to improve myself, but to grasp the helm of this ship I'm steering with a greater level of consciousness and ownership. You see, I've had an intense few weeks of feeling ... mortal. Really grappling with a new emotional knowing that … Continue reading Creating Your Future

How Can An Akashic Record Reading Help My Relationship?

“Why do I always attract the same type of guy?” “Why can’t I meet someone?” “Will I ever have a relationship with my child/mother/sister again?” “How can I get over my relationship stuff—can I just hit the delete button?” I have heard all of these questions so many times (well, the last one only once)—and … Continue reading How Can An Akashic Record Reading Help My Relationship?

What Kind Of Reading Should I Get?

What Type of Reading Should I Get? With so many types of readings to choose from, how do you know which is best for you and your situation? I've worked with a lot of modalities myself, and so I understand how confusing--and tempting!--all the bright shiny choices are. There are a few things to think … Continue reading What Kind Of Reading Should I Get?

How Does Energy Healing Work?

"I love my sessions with you, Elia. But I still don't understand how it works. Especially long distance--you should write about that for your blog!" This was a comment from one of my clients, and I realized she was right. Over the years probably the most frequently asked question about my healing sessions is how does energy healing … Continue reading How Does Energy Healing Work?