Ok—who doesn’t want the insider deets on their relationships? If you are longing to understand your mate, child, parent, or even vet potential business partners, Astrology can reveal:

  • the karmic agreement, or intent of the relationship
  • potential trouble spots and how to remedy them
  • communication issues and tips to resolve them
  • the reason behind certain patterns
  • the essence of the relationship vibe–what can be changed and what can’t
  • ways to nurture and validate each partner
  • understanding of sexual energies (if appropriate).

All of my relationship readings follow one format, but we will slant the context for whatever is appropriate (i.e., we’re not going to look at sexual stuff unless it’s an intimate relationship).

You don’t need the other person’s permission to get this reading, but since you are obtaining their birth data, chances are they are going to be aware you are doing it (unless they are your child). And the other person doesn’t need to be present unless you want them to be. You can have a reading for people who are currently in your life or not, alive or not–as long as you have accurate birth data.

These are live sessions via phone or Skype/Zoom, and include PDFs of the charts used and a recorded download.

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Relationship Readings

Two Souls Reading • 90 minutes • $335

This reading will reveal areas of ease and challenge, and how to work with obstacles and potential trouble spots. You will come away with an understanding of the purpose of the relationship and also any pertinent past life karma that you are working through.

For romantic relationships, please note—I am NOT going to tell you whether or not you should be in relationship with this person, or if it will last, etc.! I will present you with practical information so you can make an informed choice about what is present. Also, this reading is as much about you as the other person, so there is opportunity to take greater responsibility for what YOU are creating in the connection.

(You will need accurate birth data for both people, otherwise we won’t be able to really drill down into practical info. )

Child Simplified Natal Reading • 60 minutes • $155

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a parent is an understanding of the basic elements of your child’s chart. This reading includes chart fundamentals—Sun, Moon, ASC/DSC, and Nodes—and tips for parenting your child based on who they are, and your own Sun and Moon. Get one for each child—they are different as you’ve probably noticed—knowing their astro-deets will help make relating to them so much easier. (This is much less in-depth than a relationship reading, but a perfect amount of information for most parents, honestly.)

Multi-soul Readings

If you want to look at entire families, multiple business partners, or some other situation that involves more than two charts at a time, then let’s talk. These readings can be very complex and time consuming to both prepare and receive. I can help you work out what you really need, and what would be the best aspects to look at depending on the situation, and then quote you a price. Generally I work these types of readings over more than one session; it’s more digestible that way.


PayPal: once we have your sessions scheduled, I’ll send you an invoice. Payment must be received to start the sessions.

Credit Cards: I will need to get your info over the phone to use with my POS system. Let me know if you want to pay that way, and I’ll get that settled as we are scheduling your sessions. Payment must be received to start sessions.

Refunds/Cancellations: I don’t do the money-back-guarantee thing. You are buying a professional service, just like doctoring; an experience, like a massage or a concert. If there is an error on my part–say I get your birth info wrong–then I will obviously correct that with no extra charge. My hope is that you will love your readings and find them practical and empowering, but I can’t promise specific outcomes (I don’t read the future, yo), nor guarantee that you will do your own work. I bring my absolute best and highest self to all of my clients, and will work hard for you. Magic will happen if you are open to it. We are on a creative and mystical journey, one that is valuable because  it is not predictable. Please be sure before you purchase! For more on this topic, visit the Terms & Conditions.

Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period. For more details, go here.

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