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If you are ready for advanced work with the Akashic Records, I offer the following readings. The Basic Soul Realignment reading is a pre-requisite for these readings (except Property Clearing).

Relationship Reading • One 2 hour session • $300

For any two souls in any kind of relationship. I’ll look at both records and identify karma that is in play, any blocks and limitations in the relationship, the relationship purpose, and best way forward through problems. Also you will learn about both soul profiles and how your souls innately work together. Our time will include creating an action plan for integrating new patterns and healing. Invaluable for:

  • couples
  • parents and children
  • business partners
  • siblings or friends
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Life Situation Reading • 60 minutes • $185

Perfect if you want to laser in on one area of life and move the stagnant stuff out! I will get information from the record about what is negatively impacting the question(s) you bring. This reading serves as a follow-up to an initial Akashic reading, like a “tune-up.” We can look at:

  • relationships
  • money
  • career
  • health
  • creative projects
  • spiritual/personal development

Property Clearing • 30 minutes • $97

Does your new apartment feel wonky? Are you constantly losing things like jewelry and keys in your house? Are you sleeping poorly? Weirdly emotional in certain rooms?

Since I grew up in a house that was properly haunted, I know how unnerving it can be to have strange energies, weird vibes, and even ghosts occupying your space! This reading will identify what/who is in your home (office, land) and what room(s) they are in, plus the energies they are bringing into your life. I’ll clear any trouble spots and give you guidance as to how to keep your place clean and filled with only the energy YOU want and invite.

Spirit Guide Team Meeting • 60 minutes • $185

Love, love, love this one! Here you will meet your Spirit Guide team (we all have one) and discover their specific roles in your life, how they speak to you, and how you can work with them in practical ways. This amazing reading is so fun! THE reading for anyone ready to ramp up connection to the spirit world and just get more help and guidance in daily life. Plus—you’ll never feel truly alone again!

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I use Square booking to process appointments and payments. Booking links and buttons will take you to my secure, personal booking page. You can choose a time, type of reading, and pay all in one go. Once I get notification of your purchase, I’ll be in touch to request personal data and the questions you have for the Records. Payment is required at booking time.

Refunds/Cancellations: I don’t do the money-back-guarantee thing. You are buying a professional service, just like doctoring; an experience, like a massage or a concert. If there is an error on my part–say I get your birth info wrong–then I will obviously correct that with no extra charge. My hope is that you will love your readings and find them practical and empowering, but I can’t promise specific outcomes (I don’t read the future, yo), nor guarantee that you will do your own work. I bring my absolute best and highest self to all of my clients, and will work hard for you. Magic will happen if you are open to it. We are on a creative and mystical journey, one that is valuable because  it is not predictable. Please be sure before you purchase! For more on this topic, visit the Terms & Conditions.

Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period. For more details, go here.