What follows are some basic things to understand or keep in mind. If you have questions, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to clarify.

Payment, Refunds, Cancellations

I use Square for my business scheduling and payment processing. It’s easy and secure and you can use a credit or debit card. You’ll be directed there by the booking buttons found on each page. Payment is required before the reading. Tarot requests go straight to Square’s secure checkout page.

Rescheduling: hey, it happens that life interferes with best laid plans. If you need to reschedule, I do ask that you do so 48 hours in advance of your session. In times of true emergency or extreme life events I’m obviously going to be compassionate about it! But please respect my time and your commitment by being courteous. I will offer you the same courtesy if I need to reschedule a session.

Late arrival/No-shows: I will wait for 20 minutes before considering you a no-show. Sessions will not be extended beyond our original scheduled time, so whatever time you are late counts as part of our time together. Except for in true emergencies, a no-show will count as a session in your package.

Refunds: I don’t do the money-back-guarantee thing. If there is an error on my part–say I get your birth info wrong–then I will obviously correct that with no extra charge. Likewise, if I can’t access your Akashic Record for some reason, I’ll promptly refund you.

My desire is that you will love your readings and find them practical and empowering, but I can’t promise specific outcomes (I don’t read the future), nor guarantee that you will do your own work. I bring my absolute best and highest self to all of my clients, and will work hard for you. Magic will happen if you are open to it. We are on a creative and mystical journey, one that is valuable because it is not predictable. Please be sure before you purchase!

Privacy Policy

Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period. Occasionally I may want to write a case study for this website, in which case I’d ask you first and change names and details to protect your privacy.

I will not sell my list, spam you, or otherwise do all that icky modern day stuff. You will be able to unsubscribe from any communication from me at any time–MailChimp makes that real easy. If you ever get a weird email from me with unspecified links, or gifting you with a power drill, or selling you sex toys, don’t open it! Let me know I’ve been hacked!

And be aware, the Internet in all its glory is not a private medium, and if some brilliant hacker intercepts your personal details in transmission, I can’t be responsible for that. Likewise I can’t guarantee that modern payment options are safe as houses, or that my MailChimp account is un-hackable. We all take reasonable precautions as web-based business folk, but wacky stuff happens.


Energy healing is not a replacement for medical attention. In my own experience I have found that energy work augments and supports medical practices. I am not a doctor, and my services are not meant to diagnose, treat, or recommend anything. In fact–be very wary of any energy practitioner that tells you that you don’t need medical care if you have a serious condition or diagnosis. Use your common sense.

Likewise, I ask you to understand that I enter into this work with the highest intent possible. But you must at all times listen to your own intuition. If I offer suggestions or advice that you don’t agree with, then don’t follow them. Can I say it again? Use your common sense. I am not responsible for decisions you make subsequent to a reading or session we’ve had.

At the time of this writing, I do not have any ads or affiliate links on the site. If I ever do use affiliate links, I will let you know.

By using and interacting on this website or sending me communications by e-mail, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of the terms above.