Energy Healing


Do you remember the last time you had some really healing touch? Maybe it was a massage, or when a friend gave you a hug in a time of need. Perhaps it was with a significant other, or with your child.

Energy healing, at its most fundamental level, is just touching with the intent to heal. And beyond physically touching, of course, energy healing is directing energy with the intent to heal.

There are many modalities of energy healing/work/magic. All of them work if you are ready to receive and the practitioner is well-trained, focused, and able to make deep contact with you.

What Is Energy Healing Good For?

The work I do can assist you in the following ways:

  • emotional release and healing
  • removal of negative energies from your energy field
  • balancing, repairing, replacing chakras
  • spiritual surgery (no, I won’t reach into your bod and pull out any goo!)
  • releasing past lives that no longer serve
  • removing cords, hooks, and other energetic devices
  • stress and anxiety relief
  • support for any major illness (complementary, not in place of)
  • grief support
  • contact with spirit animals and guides

So, is it like Reiki?

Most often asked question when I say I’m an energy healer. I have a Reiki level one attunement, yes, but the majority of my skills came from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I attended two years there, and have been taught by other teachers and guides–and of course am always learning!

If you wonder how energy healing works, especially at a distance, pop over to this article.

What is a session like?

First off, we’ll work with at least three sessions, so that you can build on the work and start seeing a difference. Energy work can be dramatic, but most often it is subtle and cumulative, like other gentle vibrational healing (herbs, flower essences, homeopathy).

I’ll do an intake with you after first contact, and we’ll schedule your first session. When we meet (phone or Skype) for our scheduled time, you’ll have time to presence what it up for you, and what you need help with. We’ll chat a little, and then you will get comfortable (sleeping is fine), and I’ll go to work. We don’t usually stay in communication during the actual session. I’ll let you know when I’m finished and we will have a follow up call right then, or a day later. I’ll also make up notes of what I found and email that to you right away.

Sessions are varied. You might feel a lot, or nothing. As we build our container together, most likely you will come to more awareness of the work, and what is moving for you during the session. There is no real telling what will happen exactly, though we always start with your intention. But what needs to happen does, and that is the magic!


Sessions are 60 minutes each, with a 15 minute follow-up call and email report.

  • 3 sessions ~ $388
  • 5 sessions ~ $618
  • 9 sessions ~ $1032
Book Your Sessions


PayPal: once we have your sessions scheduled, I’ll send you an invoice. Payment must be received to start the sessions.

Credit Cards: I will need to get your info over the phone to use with my POS system. Let me know if you want to pay that way, and I’ll get that settled as we are scheduling your sessions. Payment must be received to start sessions.

Refunds/Cancellations: I don’t do the money-back-guarantee thing. You are buying a professional service, just like doctoring; an experience, like a massage or a concert. If there is an error on my part–say I get your birth info wrong–then I will obviously correct that with no extra charge. My hope is that you will love your readings and find them practical and empowering, but I can’t promise specific outcomes (I don’t read the future, yo), nor guarantee that you will do your own work. I bring my absolute best and highest self to all of my clients, and will work hard for you. Magic will happen if you are open to it. We are on a creative and mystical journey, one that is valuable because  it is not predictable. Please be sure before you purchase! For more on this topic, visit the Terms & Conditions.

Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period. For more details, go here.

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