How to Work With & Understand Transits

If you've dug down into astrology at all--beyond pop horoscope stuff--you've encountered the phenomenon of transits. Transits are what the planets are currently doing in the sky, and where they are thus actively moving through your chart. There are many planets, and some of them move quickly, like Mercury, Venus, Mars. Others move slower--Jupiter and … Continue reading How to Work With & Understand Transits

What’s In Store for 2018

Let's get right into business here ... 'cause there's a lot to talk about with the planetary activity in 2018. Meta Themes Resources, surviving/thriving, building, enduring, practical action. Review of relationships, power structures, and personal truth. In numerology, it's a Two year. We will be building upon seeds of change and new thought we put … Continue reading What’s In Store for 2018