What to Know About the 2021 Saturn/Uranus Square

Saturn is now in Aquarius for the next two and a half years. He brings his slow, steady, granular, and grinding energy to the themes that Aquarius rules: freedom, technology, exploration, the tribe/collective … and shadow themes of trauma, fixed ideologies, and repression of new ideas because of trauma or fixed ideologies.

June Astro Forecast

Ah June … the first days of summer and the illusion as we ramp up to the Summer Solstice that the evanescent, possiblity-filled evenings will last forever … June is the month of Gemini, and we do tend to find ourselves flitting about, becoming more social, and generally wanting more stimulation. Let’s take a look … Continue reading June Astro Forecast

How to Understand and Work With Retrograde Planets

2018 is a big retrograde year, with Venus and Mars doing the backward dance as well as all the usual suspects like Mercury, Saturn, and the outer planets. We’ve had an intense Jupiter retro, with many of my clients (never mind the world) dealing with death, sexual/sexuality issues, deep money wounding coming up and so … Continue reading How to Understand and Work With Retrograde Planets

April Astrology Forecast

April is the cruellest month .... (wrote T.S. Eliot in The Wasteland) ... and as frigid winds belie the warmth of the sun and I still stoke the wood stove, I tend to agree. Although I don't always write forecasts, as most of you know, there's enough happening this month that it's helpful for me--for myself, as … Continue reading April Astrology Forecast