Energy & Prosperity: How to Work With Your First Chakra

Is fear one of your strongest emotions? Do you have trouble keeping or finding a job, or having an abundant financial flow? Do you feel that you never really have community or a tribe? Are you easily influenced by others about how to live? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely … Continue reading Energy & Prosperity: How to Work With Your First Chakra

April Astrology Forecast

April is the cruellest month .... (wrote T.S. Eliot in The Wasteland) ... and as frigid winds belie the warmth of the sun and I still stoke the wood stove, I tend to agree. Although I don't always write forecasts, as most of you know, there's enough happening this month that it's helpful for me--for myself, as … Continue reading April Astrology Forecast

From Chaos Arises Form

I have a dance practice. It's improvisational; yet that word doesn't really describe it. What it looks like is a group of people, primarily women, coming together to enter deeply into their bodies, as individuals, yet part of a community. Mostly we roll around on the floor, dance with the wall, make funny noises. We have … Continue reading From Chaos Arises Form

Giving A S**t Starts With You

It never fails; when I get down with a cold I turn all existential … the time spent in a semi-dozing state, the absolute tiredness, the quiet because I’ve come to the end of my show on Netflix. Existential, as in, what am I doing? What are we doing? Just this morning news of another … Continue reading Giving A S**t Starts With You