What’s In Store for 2018

Let's get right into business here ... 'cause there's a lot to talk about with the planetary activity in 2018. Meta Themes Resources, surviving/thriving, building, enduring, practical action. Review of relationships, power structures, and personal truth. In numerology, it's a Two year. We will be building upon seeds of change and new thought we put … Continue reading What’s In Store for 2018

Creating Your Future

I haven't made resolutions in years. But this year, I've been inspired--not to "resolve" to improve myself, but to grasp the helm of this ship I'm steering with a greater level of consciousness and ownership. You see, I've had an intense few weeks of feeling ... mortal. Really grappling with a new emotional knowing that … Continue reading Creating Your Future

Are You Being Followed?

I've been having the sensation the last weeks of being followed. Not in a creepy someone-is-stalking-me kind of way, thank god. Deer and roses are following me. No, not some obscure band, but the actual things, that is deer, and roses. Everywhere I go I see images of deer, antlers, or, best of all, real … Continue reading Are You Being Followed?

From Chaos Arises Form

I have a dance practice. It's improvisational; yet that word doesn't really describe it. What it looks like is a group of people, primarily women, coming together to enter deeply into their bodies, as individuals, yet part of a community. Mostly we roll around on the floor, dance with the wall, make funny noises. We have … Continue reading From Chaos Arises Form