What is Locational Astrology and Does It Work?

I like to answer questions that come in from the newsletter or via social, and this one has come up a few times in the last couple of months. Locational astrology, or relocation astrology, is the process of looking at the birth or natal data in relationship to a specific location. There are a few … Continue reading What is Locational Astrology and Does It Work?

What Is a Composite Astrology Chart? (and how to use it)

Have you ever been curious about what astrology can tell you about your relationships? Maybe you’ve wondered about past lives, the spiritual purpose of your marriage, or why you have such a difficult time relating to a family member. Astrology is such an informative, insightful way to learn about your relationship patterns and karma, and … Continue reading What Is a Composite Astrology Chart? (and how to use it)

How to Work With & Understand Transits

If you've dug down into astrology at all--beyond pop horoscope stuff--you've encountered the phenomenon of transits. Transits are what the planets are currently doing in the sky, and where they are thus actively moving through your chart. There are many planets, and some of them move quickly, like Mercury, Venus, Mars. Others move slower--Jupiter and … Continue reading How to Work With & Understand Transits

How Eclipses Affect You

We're in eclipse season, and one of the things I get asked the most is "how can I use/understand/benefit from the eclipses in my life?" Anatomy of An Eclipse Aside from their pure astronomical beauty and power, eclipses offer accelerated or enhanced energies for healing during their singular occurrences and within the "bundled" cycle--there will … Continue reading How Eclipses Affect You

Moon! Celebrating the Lunar Eclipse

  My relationship to the moon has waxed and waned (heh heh) over the course of my life. There were years when I actively engaged in specific rituals and observations of the moon's cycle. Years when I've been, like most of us, largely oblivious of her. As an astrologer, of course there is always some awareness … Continue reading Moon! Celebrating the Lunar Eclipse