By now you’ve no doubt read a few horoscopes online, maybe had a free chart done. You’re intrigued, but still wondering what all the fuss is about. Can astrology really help you live a better life?

Yep. It can. 

I feel the whole point of an astrology reading is to provide clarity, solace, and tools for one’s life journey. Whether I am decoding a natal (birth) chart, or looking at transits of planetary energies for the year, my number one goal is to empower, clarify, and enthuse my clients (you!) about their path and purpose.

Over 20 years of studying astrology and reading charts, I have found the methods and philosophies that work best for me (though honestly I’m always learning). I have a spiritual, psychological approach, and work with the western, or Tropical zodiac.

I like to take my time and really dig in, so that you come away from a reading with all the tools you need to move forward. Your reading will be easy to understand, and cut to your core issues:

  • life purpose
  • career path
  • relationships
  • spiritual development
  • creativity


Natal Deep Dive • $285 • Two 60 minute sessions

This reading is meant to give you a roadmap that you will refer to again and again in your life’s journey. We will look at overall life purpose and soul intent, and then break that down into work, relationships, and personal/spiritual development, and creativity. Two sessions allows you time to digest, integrate, and formulate questions. My goal is for this to be the only natal chart reading you’ll ever need. Once you understand your birth chart, you can deepen your knowledge with progressions, transits, or relationship readings.

Available in person, Zoom/Skype, or phone. Recorded, with PDFs of chart(s) we look at.

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Inquiry Session • $155 • 60 minutes

This reading is for folks who have seen me for a natal reading, or who have a good working knowledge of their birth chart already.* We will look at any area of life you are curious about, examine transits for the year, or crack open your progressed chart.

Available in person, Zoom/Skype, or phone. Recorded, with PDFs of chart(s) we look at.

*I do read charts a little differently than many astrologers, so if it’s been a while or you’ve just had generic chart readings done, you might want to consider a natal reading first, so we are on the same page. Totally up to you—but it can save time in this reading if we are using the same vocabulary and frame of reference.

Ready to roll?

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More questions about which reading is right for you? Shoot me an email and I can help you sort that out.

If you are interested in relationship readings (for family, primary partner, business, etc.) that’s a great application of astrology, but I really prefer that you’ve have your own natal reading with me first. Why? Because multiple chart readings are complex. Understanding and taking responsibility for your own astro-map is very important before we start digging into someone else’s path and purpose, and how that works with you. Again, the way I practice and frame of reference may be different than other astrologers, so I want you to get how I work with the data before we get into these amazing but complicated readings. I welcome email–let’s talk about your needs. 

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PayPal: once we have your sessions scheduled, I’ll send you an invoice. Payment must be received to start the session(s).

Credit Cards: I will need to get your info over the phone to use with my POS system. Let me know if you want to pay that way, and I’ll get that settled as we are scheduling your sessions. Payment must be received to start sessions.

Refunds/Cancellations: I don’t do the money-back-guarantee thing. You are buying a professional service, just like doctoring; an experience, like a massage or a concert. If there is an error on my part–say I get your birth info wrong–then I will obviously correct that with no extra charge. My hope is that you will love your readings and find them practical and empowering, but I can’t promise specific outcomes (I don’t read the future, yo), nor guarantee that you will do your own work. I bring my absolute best and highest self to all of my clients, and will work hard for you. Magic will happen if you are open to it. We are on a creative and mystical journey, one that is valuable because it is not predictable. Please be sure before you purchase! For more on this topic, visit the Terms & Conditions.

Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period. For more details, go here.


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