By now you’ve no doubt read a few horoscopes online, maybe had a free chart done. You’re intrigued, but still wondering what all the fuss is about. Can astrology really help you live a better life?

Yep. It can. 

I feel the whole point of an astrology reading is to provide clarity, solace, and tools for one’s life journey. Whether I am decoding a natal (birth) chart, or looking at transits of planetary energies for the year, my number one goal is to empower, clarify, and enthuse my clients (you!) about their path and purpose.

Over 20 years of studying astrology and reading charts, I have found the methods and philosophies that work best for me (though honestly I’m always learning). I have a spiritual, psychological approach, and work with the western, or Tropical zodiac.


Birth Chart Exploration

Exploring your birth, or natal, chart is so empowering! Over two sessions we will examine your chart in-depth, so that you can really get grounded in the energies you chose to embody and explore in this lifetime. You will come away more clear about life purpose, relationships, gifts, and how to work with unhelpful patterns and challenges.

$285 • two 60 minute sessions

Relationship Reading

If you are serious about understanding the dynamics with a partner, sibling, children/parents, or even a business partner or best friend, this deep dive bundle is for you. We will look at your natal chart, the chart of the other person, and the composite, or blended, chart to discover the living energy of the relationship itself.

$375 • two 60 minute sessions

Annual Astro Check-In

General annual forecasts can only tell you so much; to really work effectively with current planetary motion you must apply their transits to your own chart. For returning clients, this reading is the equivalent of your annual wellness check. We’ll look at upcoming transits for the year ahead, solar return chart, and progressions as applicable. You will come away with clear, actionable guidance to effectively plan the year ahead. This is a great reading to do a the beginning of the year, on the Winter Solstice, or on your birthday. Prior basic reading with me is a prerequisite for this session, or a thorough working knowledge of your birth chart.

$145 • one 60 minute session

Readings are live via Zoom (video) or a free conference line (phone). They are all recorded as MP3 or MP4 files and shared with you. You will receive PDFs of all charts that we look at. Packages must be used within six months of purchase.

More questions about which reading is right for you? Shoot me an email and I can help you sort that out.


All readings require payment in advance of the reading. I accept Venmo and Apple Pay primarily, and Zelle or PayPal in a pinch. I am also deeply committed to collaboration, community, and mutual aid, and so am open to barter for goods and services I need. Let me know if you are curious about this in the ‘comment’ box on the booking form.

Once I get notification of your purchase, I’ll be in touch via email ( to confirm birth data and the questions you have for the reading. Payment is required at booking time. If you don’t see an email from me, check your spam folder, and then make contact if you can’t find it. 

Rescheduling/Refunds: I ask for 48 hours notice to change your session. If you’ve got an emergency then let me know as soon as you can, before or after, and we’ll reschedule. I don’t offer refunds. If there is an error on my part–say I get your birth info wrong–then I will obviously correct that with no extra charge. For more on this topic, visit the Terms & Conditions.

Privacy: I won’t ever share your details with anyone, period. For more details, go here.