old book smallerFolks have a lot of questions about the Akashic Record readings, so I’m going to answer the most common ones here. If you don’t see what you are looking for, do make contact.

How does a reading work?

Once you book your sessions, I will send you a basic intake form via email, that just gives me a little more information about you. Then I will access the records on your behalf.

To access the Records I need your permission, your place and date of birth, and your full name and the name you were given at birth, if those are different. I will confirm with my Akashic Guides that I have located the right record, and then confirm with your soul that you want to be read for. If your soul says no, I stop right there, and you get your money back. If I find other blocks to accessing your records, (see next question) I will also stop and return your money.

Once I have permission and access, I communicate with my Guides to answer the questions we’ve brought. For a Basic Soul Realignment™,  this will include your soul profile and any blocks and restrictions in your record that are negatively impacting your present time goals and soul’s intent. Then I ask the Guides to clear the karma.

I write all this up into Soul Stories, and when we have our live reading, I will relay this information to you. The follow up session(s) will include answers to your Q’s, delivering and explaining your clearing work, and making an action plan to support you in creating positive change relative to what we’ve discovered in the record.

Other readings, like the Life Situation, will focus in on one or two areas of life and what in the records is impacting those areas specifically. We will look at life themes or lessons, and how those are showing up in your life as well. The protocol is the same; I need permission, I’ll go in and get the info, and then we’ll have the session.

Relationship readings, same process, only there are two records I’m looking at.

What if access to the record is denied?

As I mentioned above, sometimes it arises that I can’t access the Record with accuracy, so there is no point in trying to do a reading. This is fairly rare; if you’ve actually come to the point of deciding to work with me, then typically soul and personality are aligned. If I don’t get access, it doesn’t mean you are bad, unreadable, or don’t have a Record. Usually it’s a signal that you aren’t in a good place in your life to do the healing work needed. We can work with another of my modalities, including Astrology, energy healing, or Tarot.

Where/how do you get the information?

Every practitioner does this a little differently. I “go” to the Akashic Records through a visual journeying process. Once there, I call my Akashic Record Guides to assist me with accessing your record. Once I have permission and am able to proceed, I use a combination of psychic skills and dowsing with a pendulum to get the info. Most information comes to me through claircognizence–or just a direct knowing–though sometimes I see the information clairvoyantly. Certain types of data or details can come through the pendulum.

The Akashic Records are like the internet. They exist, we can see them, access them, but they don’t really have a physical location. My teacher says that they exist on the fifth dimension. Perhaps they exist in a universal field–the Akashic Field–that pervades the entire universe.

What is the clearing you do and how does it work?

For each Akashic Record reading (except Life Themes), I will ask my Akashic Record Guides to clear from your record the blocks and restrictions that have shown up. This does not clear your entire Akashic Record–that would send you into a healing crisis! What shows up is what is ready to be healed, depending on our area of focus.

Now, after my end of the clearing, you will receive your own clearing homework to do. I’ll explain about this during the reading. I won’t make you do it; if you don’t it doesn’t nullify what I’ve done, but it will make your reading less effective. The process of doing your clearing homework helps to embed the new awareness in your subconscious, and adds a level of facility with all that has arisen, so that you can better make different choices going forward.

Clearing makes change easier, but it doesn’t make the change for you. It opens a door, but you must choose to walk through.

What is the difference between an Akashic Record reading and Astrology?

Also a good and frequently asked question. I’d say the biggest difference in these modalities is the nature of the information I get, in terms of specificity, and what clients are able to do with that information.

Akashic readings involve energetic clearing that you and I both do to resolve negative choices and karma from lifetimes. You learn about your spirit guides, soul group of origination, and the most direct way of living in alignment with your soul’s divine intent. It is an active modality, and as such can lead to big changes over time.

Astrology is no less amazing, but it works in a different way. Knowing your birth chart, transits, and progressed planets is like having an owner’s manual for you. This knowledge is there to guide you, clarify life decisions, make the most of current energies and life patterns, as well as understand the soul’s evolutionary intent. When you utilize Astrology, you have a roadmap to explore. It’s a lifetime tool that you can return to again and again.

If you are ready to move some big pieces and transform stuck patterns and beliefs, the Akashic Record readings are the most direct way to do so. Supported with energy healing, they are super powerful.

If you want more self-knowledge, a slower pace, or are curious to drill down into your “you-ness,” Astrology may be the best choice. I use it every day.

What will happen after my reading?

The main thing to understand about the Akashic readings is that they will create change, if you use your new awareness and insight. In my experience, change will occur over time (several months); sometimes clients will see a shift in areas of life right away. The main thing is to keep your awareness on the healing and return to it again and again. This is why follow up sessions are helpful. You are going to get a lot of info in the reading; I can support you to further integrate and take action that will serve new goals and empowering beliefs.

Some clients experience a big emotional release, others feel an intellectual resonance and many “ahas.” Like with any healing work, you should expect to find new ideas, awareness, and even physical changes. Pay attention to what is coming through!

Typically clients will have their session and follow up, and then I won’t hear from them for a month or so. Then they will want to check in, possibly have energy work or an additional clearing session, or grab a Tarot reading to further clarify new ventures. Many clients move onto Spirit Guide readings and property clearing. Some clients I won’t hear from for several months. There’s no one right way to do it!

I’ve heard stories lately about psychics “scaring” their clients with tales of curses or possessions. Is this like that? Is it scary?

I’ve heard those stories too–and it gives all of us who do legitimate psychic work with integrity a bad name! The information that comes from the Record may include some details that surprise you or even incite an emotional response. There may be a curse affecting you, or vows, or another soul using your body part of the time. All of these can be dealt with quite matter-of-factly; it’s not about dark magic, horror, or any other pop culture conception of the “paranormal.” I find that clients resonate with their stories, though they may be “negative.” In fact, we use the word “negative” to mean choices that are not aligned with your soul’s highest intention, rather than “bad,” “evil,” or some other pejorative term.

We will only find soul stories to clear that you are ready to heal. The universe won’t give you more than you are ready for. Some clients have had relatively little to clear, while others had quite a lot. Remember that your soul is in charge of this whole process, and choosing to heal is a positive action. You’ll get exactly what you need. I totally trust that.

Still have questions? Not clear about what type of reading to get? Contact me and I’ll be happy to help! Ready to book a session?