Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

Get ready for Ascension!

We’re not leaving the stress of 2020 behind just yet!

Saturn isn’t finished with it’s smackdown, even as it’s entering a new sign.

These are variations on the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that I’ve encountered recently. Friends have been asking, what’s true about this conjunction? What’s really going to happen?

How Often Does a Conjunction Occur?

Jupiter Saturn conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn conjoin about every 20 years, but this conjunction has some special sauce, as these planets haven’t been this close 1623, and, haven’t been as observably close since 1226. I don’t know if you’ve been seeing them in the night sky inching together in the last months, but it has been fun to say hello every evening, knowing that Pluto lies invisibly between them.

Jupiter and Saturn have been pulling away from Pluto and the sign of Capricorn, and will come together at the very initial degrees of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice. Even if you don’t care about astrology, it’s worth watching the two planets move together if you have clear skies and darkness. I like connecting to the actual sky, as the ancients did, when they were crafting the art of astrology.

So yes, it’s an interesting conjunction occurring on a powerful night. 

What Does this Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction Mean?

I find general predictions to be largely unhelpful. There’s a lot of advice out there right now. I hesitate to even add to it. But here’s how I’m thinking about it.

For the skimmers

Practical progress, integrity, incremental growth (Saturn) + truth, wisdom, optimism (Jupiter) + freedom, evolution, revolution (Aquarius): these are your keywords for the conjunction and the next phase of Saturn and Jupiter’s transits.

Keep in mind, the planetary energy will work however it finds a way; this may be via hardship, trauma, sudden shifts in awareness or circumstances, opportunities to step up and out, to be seen, to take risks.

astrology chart

Find out where 0 minutes and 29 degrees of Aquarius is in your own birth chart: this is where the action starts. The houses affected by the conjunction, and any planets or angles (MC, ASC) that are touched will flavor what this transit means for you.

There are lots of free resources out there (cafeastrology.com, astro.com, evolutionaryastrology.net, just to name a few) where you can learn more about houses and other elements of astrology. Or book your yearly transit reading with your fave astrologer 🙂

For those who want more details

The conjunction is likely in the same house where you’ve been experiencing all this Capricorn stellium business over the last year. I look at it this way: we’ve been busting our butts with all this Capricorn work, breaking down the walls of oppression, patriarchy, individual restrictions. We’ve felt stressed and stuck. We’ve been trying to figure out what we want, what works, what we should be doing, who we should be helping. We’ve all been trying to make the best of collapsing systems and new world orders (I should have bought stock in Zoom!). Now, these two planets are going to move into Aquarius, so we should see some kind of movement forward in a more easeful direction in the area of life that has been affected by the Cap stellium.


Let’s back up, and review the archetypes

archetypes of Jupiter, Saturn, Aquarius

In my experience, the prime objective of Aquarius is to create freedom on behalf of the collective—to go where no one has gone before.  The strengths of this sign are objectivity, ingenuity, and flashes of insight. As the polarity of Leo, what is learned and created in the Lion realm is then honed and perfected to serve a greater community. Healthy individuation comes when we love ourselves, allow creativity to flow, engage with imagination and experiences. This is all Leo. Eventually we are strong enough to show ourselves to the world and ask how we can contribute. This is Aquarius.

Saturn used to rule Aquarius, by the way, until Uranus was discovered in 1781. As the wise father/teacher, he first helps us create inclusive systems where the entire community can thrive (high vibration Capricorn), and then, in Aquarius, disseminates the larger vision for these systems into the world, often in a new way. Think about all those early computer nerds in their basements trying to perfect their vision with endless trial and error, and then how technology exploded into and transformed society. 

If Saturn in Capricorn asks us to look at our fears and how we have become rigid and contracted—and then make practical, step-by-step changes, Saturn in Aquarius asks us to examine what else we need to do to create more freedom for all. Aquarius on its own is fixed Air, and may not act. Saturn says: get to work!

I feel that Saturn moving into Aquarius signals a time for us to begin to take what we’ve learned in 2020 and expand it. Use technology responsibly to create more freedom for more people. To be aware of an expanding vision, but to stay grounded and keep moving up the mountainside.

This would be my definition of Ascension.

And what about Jupiter?

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter expands and exaggerates. His energy opens things up, stirs the pot, fans the flames—for better or for worse. We’ve seen that as he’s transited through Capricorn. Conjoined to Saturn, there can be a sense of two steps forward, one step back. Impulsivity joined to caution. Integrating those energies is much like putting some boundaries on a kid or a puppy. Boundaries are appropriate and keep things safe, but it’s important to allow a free flow of energy too. This is what we’re looking at as the December 21 conjunction sets the seed energy for the next solar year.

Jupiter, as the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the old-time ruler of Pisces (before Neptune’s discovery in 1846), also seeks the truth, and wants to understand the wisdom of all peoples and cultures, and to integrate the spiritual and material. Bottom line: we have been, and will continue to be reviewing and revising our belief systems. What are the truths we hold to be self-evident? How are these truths serving us, or not? Serving the collective?

Transit dates:

Saturn in Aquarius: March 21, 2020 to July 1, 2020 (remember what was happening?); and from December 17, 2020, to March 7, 2023.

Jupiter in Aquarius: December 19, 2020 to May 13th, 2021 (when it ingresses into Pisces), re-enters Aquarius via retrograde July 28, 2021, and continues its transit until December 28, 2021.

Ok, back to you and your chart

So, keeping in mind how these two planets behave, and what Aquarius governs, generally, meditate on how these co-mingled energies might impact your life. 

Ask the following types of questions to begin examining the possibilities of the conjunction and subsequent transits:

For example: How and where do I need to create more freedom in my relationships? (7th house) or in my values and how I survive? (2nd house)

How and where do I need new boundaries?

Where can I be more inclusive?

What and where do I want/need more joy?

How are my beliefs serving me? Others?

Where do I have unresolved trauma? What new ways can I find to create more freedom?

How can I better use technology?

And so on.

Remember, the planets don’t do things to us. They bring energy. We use and interact with that energy. Sometimes it feels like we’re in control, and sometimes it’s really clear that we’re not. Some people will find this year harder than the last, others may feel they are indeed ascending. We will all have the experience we need to have.

We are all being called to serve and interact with the collective in some way, as we are able. Watch for intuitional jolts, meaningful dreams, whispers from the inner voice. Don’t let fear always squish those impulses down. Commit (Saturn) to things that help you feel joy (Jupiter). Offer your tools (Saturn) and wisdom (Jupiter) to the collective (Aquarius).

winter solstice ritual

If you have any inclination for ritual, I’d set aside some time on the Winter Solstice to set your own seed energy during this conjunction and powerful shortest night (and look up at the planets themselves!). In my life, the Winter Solstice is New Year’s Eve. I try to have a simple observance of the year that is passing and what my intentions and hopes are for the coming year. Usually I pull cards, go into the Akashic Records, and do some journaling. It’s a first-quarter moon in Pisces that day (and Aries in the evening), so great for meditation and to ask for guidance about taking action.

Happy holiday season, all. Be safe and get into nature if you can.

Book a reading for the new year if you are feeling called!



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