Saturn’s Transit Through Capricorn: how to deal

“Why am I dealing with this family stuff again? I thought I’d worked through this!”

“I keep using my credit card, when I’d promised myself I wouldn’t”

“I just feel so low, so tired, like I just can’t get on with life.”

These are literal statements I’ve heard from clients in the last two weeks, and echo feelings that I’ve had recently myself. I know, I feel you, I’m over it too.

The question that inevitably follows the “why?” is “what’s going on??”

Saturn in retrograde, in its own sign of Capricorn. Dancing with Pluto, also retrograde in Capricorn. Conjoining the transiting south node, in Capricorn. How can you deal with the serious tone of this transit (and the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunctions in 2020) and make friends with this planetary energy? The key is to shift outdated perceptions about the archetypes of the planetary bodies and signs involved. When you know how to use the gifts the planets offer, you can make peace with even the most difficult transits. For now, let’s begin with Saturn.

Many astrological traditions incite us to be afraid of Saturn. Or if not afraid, then at the very least to dread his transits. Saturn is associated with Cronos in Greek myth, you knowthat guy who devoured his own children. So yes, there’s a serious precedent to consider. Saturn is the keeper of time, the Lord of Karma, the monitor of our earthly progress. He is also, in the Roman context, a god of “periodic renewal and liberation.” In a modern context, I like the analogy of Saturn as a personal trainer or seasoned mentor: someone who knows you can accomplish more than you think you can, and will push you until you realize your own power, and achieve, your goals.

adult athlete body bodybuilding

It is naive to sugar coat Saturn aspects and transits, because of course, like reaching that 100th push-up or finishing a half marathon, they are difficult. The very essence of Saturn’s teachings is about digging deep, taking time to do it right, and acknowledging responsibility for yourself. Concepts that maybe aren’t so popular in our modern society, where instant gratification and passing the buck are king. But Saturn, as lord of time, has all the time in the world at his disposal, and doesn’t need to be popular. What he needs to be is efficient, productive, and successful. And because of his care for you, as his cosmic protege, he will never, ever tire before you do.

Think of Saturn’s energy like the process of water eroding rock. One trickle creates a Grand Canyon over time. Drop after relentless drop, water sculpts stone, creates amazing beaches, nourishing topsoil, fine, colored, desert dust. 

To be with Saturn as it transits its own sign of Capricorn is like a double whammy of this energy. There is no resisting it. Add Pluto in the same sign (which I’ll go into in a separate article), the transiting South Node, and you’ve got a recipe for radical self-responsibility and glorious change.

The Goals of This Saturn Transit

The most useful thing I have to say to anyone about working with this current transit of Saturn in Capricorn is to get your feet on the ground. This isn’t a time for more therapy, more abstraction, or more quick-fix programs. Instead, gather what you know about yourself, your psyche, your life, and take practical action

For example, if you struggle with debt or money, by now you’ve probably done a ton of work on this topic. Stop tapping, stop playing victim, cease and desist with I-can’t-I-don’t-know-how-it’s-not-fair and cut up your credit card. Get a side hustle, a lawyer, sell something. These are the types of actions that Saturn is looking for. 

Saturn is not about rubbing your shoulders while you cry, this is true. But this is where we need to shift our perceptions of this archetype away from a punishing god that takes things away. Saturn is the coach that sees your potential, the good dad who pushes you to succeed. He’s a tough love kind of guy: love him back and your experience of his transits will radically change. Use your free will to shift how you view your reality.

background balance business commercePractical, ethical actionno matter how smalldone with integrity and without blame, are rewarded by Saturn. He’s not asking for the moon, he just wants to see baby steps.Honest effort. You cleaning up your side of the street. In a nutshell, here is how to work with Saturn:

  • get organized
  • set realistic goals and action steps
  • own your own stuffget out of blame
  • stop whining: choose power over victimhood
  • get out of theory and into action

The Opportunity of Saturn in Retrograde

Saturn turned retrograde (appearing to go backward in the sky) on April 29, 2019. Any retrograde planet will ask you to review your life; in the case of Saturn, he wants you to review every structure you have in place, from relationships to money to work. Health, exercise, all of it.

boy wearing white and blue long sleeved shirt

 This retrograde period, which will last until September 18, 2019, is the time to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and the state of your life as you know it.

Saturn will also conjoin the transiting nodal axis, specifically the South Node in Capricorn during its retro period. Meaning, old stuffespecially from childhoodis going to come up. Deal with this in a Saturn/Capricorn way: make amends, throw out old love letters, finalize the divorce, cut up the credit cards, start telling the truth and compassionately accept how youand only youhave brought you to where you are today. Then take action in the direction you want to go inwhatever’s appropriate for the situation you find yourself in.

  • Need to lose 20 pounds? Stop beating yourself up and commit to exercise and less food.
  • In a toxic relationship, or even one that just doesn’t work anymore? Move out and move on. No more therapy or Reiki or asking your pendulum. Go Nike on it: Just do it.
  • Hate your job? Stop kvetching about your boss, make a new resume, and start looking.

You have the power to change your life. Help will come, but only after you take those first steps. Empowered and aligned. This is how Saturn rolls.

Takeaway: accept and acknowledge where you are, and take steps toward where you want to go now; resistance and denial will leave you feeling stuck, sick, and afraid.

Stay out of Fear

Listen, almost everything you will read out there about Saturn in Capricorn will scare you. This is because the ego is afraid of hard work and change. Saturn is concerned with your soul. And the soul understands that usually hard things create the most expansion, growth, and success. There are going to be a lot of dire predictions out there about this Pluto-Saturn conjunction. They may come true, they may not. Prediction is a tricky businessand it’s not your business. Keep your head down right now and keep your eye on the prize that you want. World events will wash over youkeep paddling.

person reading the daily fake news newspaper sitting on gray couchDon’t get distracted by negativity, fear, and gloom. If you freak out when you hear the news or read wild galactic predictions, turn that s**t off.

Saturn is concerned with what is happening right here, right now. If you are flinging your energy in a direction and nothing’s coming back, don’t blame the planets, but rather look deeply at the messages you are receiving. Is this what you really want? Do you need to accept a change of direction? Are you should-ing yourself?

Saturn in the Houses

The focus of the Saturn transit through Cap and it’s conjunction with Pluto (at around 22 degrees of Capricorn, in January of 2020) will affect your life depending on which house in your birth chart holds this degree of the sign. The following are quick keywords for Saturn’s action in each house.

  • 1st house: changes to identity, shift toward leadership, breaking through old ideas of self.
  • 2nd house: new paradigms around making money, reassess talents, values, and possessions.
  • 3rd house: get into real communication, amends, get serious about how you communicate and what you say.
  • 4th house: deal with family of origin issues, whether emotional or literal, look hard at co-dependency and emotional maturity.
  • 5th house: create structures that support creativity, self-love (vs. needing outside validation), get real with your kids about boundaries.
  • 6th house: redefine work, how you serve, and get serious about health.
  • 7th house: take stock of serious or important relationships of any kind; disengage from friendships, marriages, or client/business dealings that no longer serve or uphold integrity.
  • 8th house: acknowledge personal power and past/present abuses of power in your life. Let go and move on, own your own authority around money, sexuality, and surrender the illusion of control.
  • 9th house: redefine spirituality or philosophy, break out of limiting beliefs and outdated religious conventions.
  • 10th house: step into leadership, move out of dead-end careers, take responsibility for yourself and your life.
  • 11th house: hone in on where you spend your time and who you spend it with; look objectively at your relationship with technologyhealthy or addicted? Clarify bigger picture goals and trans-personal interests.
  • 12th house: All of the above. Whatever most needs to come out of the unconscious will. Do you have a higher power? Do you need one? Ego death and rebirth.

Saturn is the ultimate ally for radical change and rebirth (especially in tandem with Pluto). Although time may seem to slow down, you may feel physically tired and need more sleep, and this period may not seem fun, there is a method to Saturn’s action. Remember that fear doesn’t get you anywhere, but be compassionate with yourself when you do feel it, because you will. Little steps forward are all that are required; Saturn does not need a grand gesture.

Remember: Saturn is not the enemy, he is your ally. Shift your perceptions to look at what’s happening in life as a necessary sculpting of your identity and soul for your ultimate highest good.

Are you struggling with this current transit of Saturn? Want to understand how to work in a more empowered way with your birth chart? Drop me a line and let’s work together to get you where you want to go.

P.S.–I’m back from my travels and able to see clients again. Yay!


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5 thoughts on “Saturn’s Transit Through Capricorn: how to deal

  1. Thank you Elia, this is an awesome article! Apparently like many others, I have been experiencing a whole bunch of old crap coming back up in my life. Your article is very helpful to understand what is going on and what I need to do. Thank you so much! Sue

    On Tue, May 7, 2019, 2:05 PM The Grounded Mystic wrote:

    > Elia posted: ““Why am I dealing with this family stuff again? I thought > I’d worked through this!” “I keep using my credit card, when I’d promised > myself I wouldn’t” “I just feel so low, so tired, like I just can’t get on > with life.” These are literal statements I’ve he” >


  2. I find it interesting that you popped into my mind just yesterday, and I was thinking how I hadn’t seen an astrology email from you for a while. Then, tah -dah, here it is! S


  3. I am in the process of changing my view of Saturn, having grown up in astrology (so to speak) viewing the planet as only a harsh adversary. Some even likening the Saturnal energy to Satan. Having Capricorn rising in my natal chart, I never bonded totally with that connection. Though I do understand the benefit of having an adversary, Saturn seemed to me to be much more that limited point of view. Great article. Short, but covers a lot of ground. Thanks to the author.


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