How to Work With Jupiter’s Ingress into Sagittarius

Pursuit of higher truth, an inspiring vision, adventure, expansion, and intuitive wisdom are all on tap for the next year.

Jupiter will move, or ingress, into Sagittarius on the 9th of November, 2018 until December 3, 2019. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so we should see an easing of the tensions—at least some of them—that the transit through Scorpio brought over the last year.

A Quick Scorpio Recap

This past transit of Jupiter through Scorpio has been a doozy. We’ve seen many of the Scorpio themes of power, sexuality, secrets, and psychological unveiling taking place, as well as for many of us, death of loved ones and the death of dreams, businesses, or old ways of doing things.

It’s been an intense year in world politics and with sexual abuse revelations and allegations. The ramifications of much of what Scorpio began will be seen in the months to come. How will Jupiter’s change in sign affect the bigger stage and our personal lives?

Read on!

brown ganesha figurine

Who Is Jupiter Anyway?

Jupiter is the biggest of all the planets, and is known for his jolly, expansive, and luck-bringing archetype. In more traditional astrology he is considered one of the most powerful benefics, that is, bringer of good stuff. Jupiter was THE big god in the Roman pantheon, a protector and ruler of all the other gods, brother of Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter replaced the earlier Zeus of the Greeks, who held a similar position of importance and power. In Indian tradition, Jupiter can be associated with Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

As a planetary archetype, Jupiter is a bringer of opportunity, facilitator of wisdom, right action, justice, and law, and expands everything he touches. Sometimes this might be seen as “good luck”, but the expansion piece is applicable to the increase of things we don’t want as well. Gluttony, greed, gambling, and overall too-muchness are also hallmarks of Jupiter.

The Sagittarius Archetype

As Jupiter rules Sag, you can expect to see similarities in their archetypal meaning. Sag is the spiritual explorer, the anthropologist, the guru, the judge, the professor, the surfer with a zest for the spiritual wave. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, which means it embodies and exemplifies change, action, passion, and seeks expression through movement or action. It’s the least intense of the fire signs. Sag yearns for meaning, truth, expansion, and freedom.

In shadow, this archetype can bring a sort of righteousness of belief, inability to tell the truth, lack of commitment, and a flaky, me-first kind of attitude.

As Jupiter transits its own sign, we can expect to see expansion on all of these themes.

people on a rally

Truth or Lies?

The fallout from recent political and world events will continue, and the theme will shift to truth vs. Lies. If you’re sick of the bullshit of the current times, the future may or may not hold vindication. There may be more hyperbole, massive lies, and a lack of responsibility that feature in shadow Sag.

Or, truth may out and be revealed, leading to a new tribe of wisdom leaders stepping forth. Many people may be inspired to find a new vision for themselves, their communities, their countries.

On a personal note, if you’ve been keeping up any deceptions (to self or others), you may find them hard to sustain. Scorpio can do that all day long, but Sag, not so much. The highest vibration of both Jupiter and Sag is to act with moral and spiritual integrity in a way that creates freedom for all. It is inclusive and curious. The best way to benefit from this transit is to come clean, act with integrity, and allow all the wisdom paths to emerge as equal. Let everyone have their truth; you don’t have to agree with them but allow them to be.

Working With Jupiter in Your ChartJupiter with red spot

Jupiter is the planet in our natal charts that signify where we can achieve and find a flow of energy. When we work with our Jupiter sign/house we will find the best way forward to achieve our life purpose.

Jupiter transits through our chart signify times of expansion, revelation of truth, and the creation of a new vision or the receipt of wisdom. The type of transit makes a difference, of course, and where it’s passing.

Jupiter’s Sign

The first piece of working with your Jupiter is to understand it’s placement by sign. Understanding the archetypes of the 12 signs of the Zodiac is really key in astrology in general. If you know the benefits and growth points of the sign, then you begin to understand how Jupiter will express in that sign.

For example, if your natal Jupiter is in Virgo, this indicates that the path to greatest fulfillment, wisdom, success, and expansion (Jupiter) is through cultivating self-knowledge, a sense of the sacred, and identifying what is the most sacred and effective way to serve and work in the world (Virgo). Cultivating a self-concept that is self-reliant and confident in it’s own wisdom and staying true to ideals are also part of the Virgo archetype. Being grounded in practical, natural laws and connecting to nature might also bring about wanted growth and expansion.

However, Jupiter in Virgo may also bring a large share of self-criticism, paralyzing perfectionism, judgment, and unhealthy selflessness–all shadow traits of Virgo that Jupiter may expand.

Starting to see how it works?

Jupiter by House

The next step to working with your Jupiter is to understand the house placement. Again, in astrology generally, grokking the meanings of the houses will allow you to use planetary energies more effectively.

So, if Jupiter is in the 1st house, all of Jupiter’s gifts are filtered through and into the primary purpose, or the Ascendant. Understanding the self, experiencing life with courage and curiosity, and working towards self-expression and taking action (first house) are all ways to bring in the “luck” of Jupiter.

Likewise, there may be a tendency to take everything personally, to be narcissistic, self-absorbed, or unaware of one’s surroundings or of other people’s needs (shadow first house stuff).

Blending the sign and house archetypes will lead you to a list of positive actions to take and shadowy pitfalls to avoid. This blending is the art of astrology. Aspects, retrograde motion, and transits all then become part of the picture too. But to begin, start simply with one piece of the puzzle and build from there.

Jupiter by Transit

For the transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius, locate what house Sag rules and is occupying in your chart. It may be more than one house. For example, in my chart, Sag begins in the 4th house (which is ruled by Scorpio) and then crosses over into the 5th—meaning it rules the 5th. I’ll perhaps see a lift in the heaviness left by death in the family, and new ease with evolving family situations. It may be the time to get honest with myself about my emotional self-reliance, and release from old traditions and beliefs that were passed on from family (all this is 4th house).

As it moves into the 5th, I may see my creativity expand, a lightness move into my sense of self, and a desire to seek out new inspiration for creative projects from other cultures or travel (5th house/Sag themes). And so on … Jupiter will also make aspects to plenty of planets over the year, so those energies will come in too.

To make the most of Jupiter’s easier passage through its own sign and the opportunities that brings, we have to look to our natal Jupiter’s “mission.” That mission is defined by sign and house placement.

Jupiter transits don’t blow up our world like those of Pluto or Uranus, nor do they confuse us like Neptune or slow down time like Saturn. They can just blow by and the opportunities with them. So it’s good to be aware of what Jupiter is trying to bring you so you can take advantage of it!

If you are curious about Jupiter in your own chart and how the upcoming ingress into Sagittarius will affect you, get a reading!




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