When Past Life Info Is Useful, and When It’s Not

All of us here in the mystic set have gotten pretty glib about tossing around the term “past life.”

Guilty as charged, me. A LOT of the work I do is focused around past life information, especially the Akashic Record readings.

While I believe, obviously, perhaps, that knowing past life origination of karma, beliefs, and fears is beneficial and productive, I am also aware that past life details are not always helpful or important.

When Is Past Life Info Useful?pexels-photo-207962.jpeg

There have absolutely been times for myself or clients when understanding a fear or block from a past life perspective created compassion and understanding, as well as providing release. Here are some benefits of learning about past lives:

  • Increases self-compassion
  • Creates an opportunity to make new choices with consciousness
  • Facilitates understanding of karma with self, and karma with others
  • Helps understand relationship issues (if they originated in a past life), or past life karma between people
  • Brings latent talents forward, allows access to prior soul learning in specific areas

Most of us, when we hear details about a past life do have a resonance with it—at least that’s my personal experience for myself and clients. There’s an “aha … of course” that can be validating and provide a platform from which to work.

Learning about past lives helps us to understand the eternal nature of our souls and to see things in a much wider perspective.

And, of course, those lifetime stories are just. So. Fascinating.

Which leads to …

When is Past Life Info Not Helpful?

Learning about other lifetimes can create a further story for our egos to get lost in, such

boy at window

that we kind of lose the bigger picture. They can distract us from the present lifetime and moment. Some downsides of the past life download can be:

  • Distraction from the here and now
  • Disappointment/disillusionment (most of us were not kings, queens, or romantic figures of greatness)
  • Re-traumatizing (rare, but it happens)
  • Overwhelm
  • Strengthens Ego

In my experience, I have mostly seen people benefit from learning about their past lives. But, I have see all of the above too.

I believe that people receive what they can handle, and that all information that I’m given on their behalf is for the highest good, even if it triggers a bit of a healing crisis. However, not to toot my horn too much, I have a rigorous alignment to integrity within the Akashic Records (and all my modalities) that other practitioners may or may not have.

I have worked with clients who were struggling under the weight of past life information received from practitioners who provided no context or guidance on how to deal with that info. In these instances, having the knowledge wasn’t serving these people.

What Is the Best Way to Get Info About Previous Incarnations?

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Many ways exist to get information on past incarnations. Some people just get details in dreams or meditation. Some receive information from spirit guides or angels. Others see practitioners, such as myself, to obtain and interpret information for them.

I can receive past lives from the Akashic Records, Past Life Regression (hypnosis), Energy Work, or Astrology. It can come through the Tarot if a spread is specifically set up to reveal it. I’ve found in my Energy Work that past lives are sometimes embedded or attached to the energy field, where I can perceive, release, or work with them.

Other psychics have other techniques, I’m sure, but I can’t speak to those specifically.

Whatever method you use, bring in some discernment and common sense. If you get a big download about a bunch of lifetimes where you were Cleopatra, the Pope, and then Queen Elizabeth, I’d be a little skeptical. Most of us have been around the incarnational block oodles of times, but most of us have not been famous historical figures or celebrities. Especially lifetime after lifetime. That just wouldn’t serve the soul in its quest for all experience.

Likewise it’s not likely that a soul has spent many lifetimes being a beggar or criminal.  Souls may stay in a particular “genre” of lifetime for a few go-rounds to exhaust experience in an area, but expansion and evolution are not served by eating the same dish over and over.

How to Work Productively With Past Life Information

clear glass jar filled of coloring pens beside of white sketch pad

Consider, when working with any previous life story, the following:

  • How does the story relate to your PRESENT life?
  • Examine the relevant threads and determine what action would heal, atone, or complete the karma or events in question.
  • Locate the missing pieces for the personality-you-were. If you could talk to them from your perspective NOW, what would you say to them? Advise? Make a list, write a letter, whatever works for you. Now apply it to situations in THIS life.
  • Create a simple forgiveness ritual for actions taken or harm done in a past incarnation. Offer your previous self compassion and love.

Some other random thoughts to consider about working with past incarnations wouldinclude paying attention to how it feels to have this knowledge—helpful or burdensome? Are you a ruminator? Someone who tends to dwell on the past anyway? And, do you have the time/skills/guidance to process and act upon past life information you receive? Having the story can be fun, but unless it’s useful, there’s really no relevance to it.

I don’t believe we are meant to keep past life files open and running on our desktops, if you’ll pardon the office-y analogy. They are shown to us for healing and learning, not for living in. They cannot be changed, but the files can be saved, closed, and archived when complete.

Learn and let go.

If you are curious about past life information you’ve already received, or would like to explore further, drop me a line. We can chat about your needs and go from there.


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