Fuel for the Fire: The Sun in the Composite Astrology Chart

Relationships of any kind are complicated. With lovers, spouses, kids, or sibs. Even our professional relationships can present issues that leave us fuming or scratching our heads in confusion.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could have a sort of roadmap to our relationships? So that we could mitigate or at least deal better with challenges, and bring strengths to the surface?

What Is a Composite Chart?

Enter the composite astrological chart. It’s like a tell-all blueprint for our connections, one that reveals karma, positive attributes, and those sticky sticking points. It looks just like, and is interpreted the same way as, your own birth chart. The diff, though, is that it is calculated from the information from two charts, and it does not change.

A composite chart is what it is. Yes, it can be impacted by transits and progressions. But because it is the chart for a “thing” it doesn’t evolve or change. It shows us factors that are always going to be present, whether we like them or not.


Now before you go all squirrelly on me and claim that your relationship can too change!–let me just say this: relationships evolve and grow (or not) because the people involved with them do. The relationship itself “does” nothing. Thus, when we look at a composite, we see the bones of the relationship. How you and the other work with the energies of the chart may evolve, but the core stuff will always be there. Make sense?

The Sun in the Composite Chart

Just like in a natal chart, the Sun in the composite shows the fuel that the relationship runs on. It is the engine and essence of the connection. The qualities of the Sun–sign, house, aspects–shows us what is essential to the relationship in order for it to function. It also may represent what the two people bring, via the relationship, to any situation, be that work, family, creative collaboration, or romance.

You can get a composite chart from places like astro.com if you have both people’s birth data. Or of course, an astrologer like moi can help you figure it out as well!

The Composite Sun Through the Signs/Houses

pexels-photo-820735.jpegHere’s a quick and dirty description of the Sun through the signs and houses. You’ll want to blend info from the sign and house (unless it happens to be the same) to get a more thorough feel for how the Sun behaves and what it needs in your composite chart.

Sun in Aries/1st House: Action, fire, and independence rule in this relationship. The purpose is to explore life as if for the first time; the keywords are adventure and self-discovery. With this as the composite Sun, the relationship will require both members to be autonomous with a dash of courage, curiosity, and independence.

From other people’s perspective, this couple/duo  may appear very fulfilled in each other and in their own path, or they can look like the pair that is always off on some adventure travel.

The key to this union is that it must stay dynamic.  If one person wants to play safe, and another play big, they will have to come to conscious consensus in order to succeed. And consensus isn’t really an Aries strong point . . .

Sun in Taurus/2nd House: Intimate partners with this Sun will have a beautiful home or a verdant garden, probably have kids, cats, and dogs–and maybe even a farm animal or two. Their home will be comfortable and aesthetic, and they may feel like the bastion of stability to those around them. Unfortunately, their finances may be in a secret shambles and both will have to work to maintain the lifestyle they want.

Relationships with a Taurus Sun are comfy, cozy, affectionate, and stable. The worst that can happen to this relationship is stagnancy, ruts, and an inability to change. Taurus Sun is bonded and will work hard to avoid break-ups–even if this is the best choice.

Sun in Gemini/3rd House: Peeps with this composite sun need variety and mental stimulation, humor, and lots of communication. They need to share interests and be willing to try new things.

A romantic couple with this Sun will likely have lots of friends, interests, and be busy. They will organize the block party or head up school fundraisers–though they may not do more than start the process. They will know what their neighbors are doing and be up to speed on the latest PTA gossip.

Key for people with this composite Sun is to learn to listen to each other, and take time to go deep and focus.

Sun in Cancer/4th House: This is a great Sun for those who want to create home and family. If the relationship isn’t romantic, the participants can also fulfill this purpose and need through creating community or a nurturing business model. This Sun requires emotional connection, safety, and caring.4-gfgb12hfa-london-scout

If you have a romantic relationship with a composite Sun in Cancer,/4th house be sure that you both are clear about having children (or not).

Sun in Leo/5th House: Generosity, love, sharing, drama–all buzzwords for a duo with composite Sun in Leo. There will be a big circle of friends and/or business associates, leadership within their community–in fact, both people in this relationship need to be able to be seen and to lead.

This relationship thrives on creativity, fun, and will want to be involved with children in some way. They need to truly admire each other and be admired.

Sun in Virgo/6th House: This union will thrive on order and each person having equal, meaningful interests and work. Their home may be a soothing temple: clean, organized, and restful. This Sun is health conscious–there will be a vitamix and a juicer on the counter–and they may also want to have animals around or be involved in animal causes.

People with this Sun in the composite need to respect each other’s work, personal development, wisdom, and need for quiet. While not the grooviest partners, they will be the ones others turn to for help and who you find out have singlehandedly started a homeless shelter, an animal visiting program at the local cancer hospital, and gotten all the laundry done.

Sun in Libra/7th House: People in this combination need harmony, balance, and an equal consideration of each partner. This is a friendly duo too, and will have lots of connections, good art on the wall of the house/office, and an art studio in the back yard.

This relationship pair needs to make decisions together, to gather with their community, and to find balance within the chaos of life. They need to be very aware of and focused on the well-being of their relationship.


Sun in Scorpio/8th House: Sex, creativity, and emotional intimacy are the hallmark of this composite Sun. Even if the duo isn’t romantic, there will be a certain intense vibe to how they get along. For the relationship to flourish, there will need to be emotional intimacy and a balance of power for and from both.

Those who are in a relationship with this Sun are likely working out power, passion, and intimacy issues, even if it isn’t sexual.  This relationship is about growth.

two person carrying black inflatable pool float on brown wooden bridge near waterfalls

Sun in Sagittarius/9th House: Those with this connection need fun, adventure, and travel–as well as a search for truth. That “truth” might come through finding the perfect wave, studying meditation, or exploring different cultures.

In this connection, both will need to be open to growth, meaningful stimulation, and the constant expansion of the horizon. It will not survive the obsessive need for certainty or security. Like those with an Aries composite, this couple may appear to be the carefree travelers to others and spark a bit of “how do you do it?” But staying present to growth and change is hard work, even if it looks easy.

Sun in Capricorn/10th House: This is a combination that will want to have it all: careers, children, a great home, and responsibility to the community. Others will trust their leadership and wisdom.

With this Sun, the pursuit of excellence and integrity in all things is absolutely necessary. It also needs sensual good humor and plenty of sex (yes really). The relationship may become rigid and empty if there is too much emphasis on money and material success.

Sun in Aquarius/11th House: This Sun is voted most likely to try polyamory (followed by Sag and Gemini). Unconventionality will be the exploration for this relationship, so new business models, funky living arrangements, and free-flowing structures with plenty of room for new ideas are required.

This relationship must. have. freedom. If you have a connection with this Sun, know that it will be engaging, thrilling, but also, depending on who you are, potentially traumatic. Stagnation, rigidity, or intellectual repression will destroy this relationship.

Sun in Pisces/12th House: With a Pisces composite, there must be a spiritual component to the union. The relationship is fueled by (and provides) creativity, emotion, compassion, and spiritual connection.

Here you will find a union that is closely tied to a spiritual path or nature, or that is devoted to a humanitarian cause. They are the listeners and receivers of the pain of their friends, the suffering of neighborhood children, and the soothers of societal ills. Not the most passionate composite Sun, but certainly deep and compelling.

casual cheerful daylight friends

Knowing how your relationship wants to show up in the world, and understanding how to make it successful are important! The Sun shows what you are together to create and experience–regardless of the type of relationship. I’ve kind of focused on intimate partners, but extrapolate the concepts for other types of connections too.

I’ve just skimmed the surface here of this ONE aspect of the composite chart. My plan is to delineate other planets in the future, so stay tuned for more articles around this topic. If you are keen to understand a relationship you are in and want a composite reading, give me a bell. It’s SO helpful to understand the blueprint of a relationship, and can do wonders for fulfilling the purpose and intent of the connection.


Photo on 6-12-17 outside curiousElia

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