Energy & Prosperity: How to Work With Your First Chakra

Is fear one of your strongest emotions? Do you have trouble keeping or finding a job, or having an abundant financial flow? Do you feel that you never really have community or a tribe? Are you easily influenced by others about how to live?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely your root, or first, chakra isn’t operating at it’s fullest capacity.

The good news is, that you have a LOT of control over the functionality of your chakras. Yes, professional healers can do a specific or complicated chakra work, but the simple stuff is good to know how to do yourself. Learning how to manage this energetic system is like learning good oral hygiene—it’s fundamental to your health.

So, let’s get started with a look at the first chakra.

chakra-1340058_640First Chakra Fundamentals

This chakra is found in the area of the perineum—picture a cone of energy directly between the legs. Many images of chakras will depict it at the coccyx, below the sacrum. In Sanskrit, this is known as the Muladhara chakra, and it develops in our first year of life. It is associated with the color red and governs the adrenal glands, kidneys, and spinal column. It is, in a sense, the foundation of our entire chakra system.

The root chakra governs our connection to tribe and to survival. When we are little, we are totally dependent on others. Thus, our subconscious imprinting about trust/mistrust happens at this stage. From conception to the first year of life a template is established for the first chakra that can have an impact on our entire life.

The first chakra is associated with our habits and instinctual patterns and how well we can create safety for ourselves. Nourishment on every level, physical health, and financial well-being are all the realm of this chakra. And, so important, our ability to ground and establish appropriate boundaries.

Typical First Chakra Issues

The chakras can be subject to all kinds of distortion. They can be deficient, sluggish, overworked, overly charged, constrained into holding patterns, still, or balanced. When I look at a client’s chakra, I detect if the structure is compromised and how the energy is flowing.

If your first chakra is healthy, this will create a balanced life where you are able to provide for your basic needs and nourish yourself. There will be sense of trust in self and other, and an ability to get along in the world.

If the chakra is deficient, then this may manifest as fear and mistrust as well as trouble connecting to or making “tribe,” chronic financial issues, and drained adrenals.

If the chakra is in excess, then this may manifest as overeating or obesity, aversion to change or growth, rigid boundaries, and sometimes even hoarding.

Chakra flow changes all the time, so don’t panic of a healer tells you your first chakra is compromised. But chronic issues as described above tell a story of dysfunctional energy patterns that it’s helpful to change. Yoga, personal growth work, and exercise are all ways to change deeply held patterns. Don’t judge yourself if you think your first chakra needs help—anyone can have these issues, even those who had an “ideal” start in life.

Working With Your Root Chakra

Although it’s helpful to work with an energy healing practitioner from time to time, it’s also very possible to use your intuition to learn to do basic balancing yourself. I like to have my clients “talk” to their chakras, which requires only a bit of time alone in quiet. You can use any meditation practice to shift your brain wave state to alpha and become monk-hands-faith-person-45178.jpegmore receptive to receiving intuitive guidance.

When you feel relaxed and ready, make contact with your first chakra. Don’t worry about feeling silly—you will get over that in time as you start to get real, helpful information. Visualize this cone of energy. What color is it? What type of spin does it have—slow or fast? Get a sense of how the energy is moving: clockwise or counterclockwise, or vertically or horizontally.

Once you have a basic impression, try this simple gestalt technique. Imagine your chakra outside of yourself, sitting across from you, almost as if it were a person. Ask it questions like, “what do you need?” or “why is your energy flowing like it is?” Let guidance come through and make a note, either on your phone as a recording or in a journal. Don’t judge the information you get. Enjoy the process.

Of course, it may be challenging at first to understand or trust the guidance you get. Remember, any type of guidance that is fearful, harmful, hateful is NOT guidance—it’s your lower self/mind. True guidance is compassionate, neutral or loving, and does not create fear. It’s helpful to work with a practitioner in the early stages of learning to do this, to confirm or check-in about the answers you receive. Over time you will learn to trust your intuition.

Ways to Strengthen Your First Chakra

Exercise is one of the best ways to charge a deficient chakra or energize one that is moving slowly. And, of course, it’s good for your overall health! Dance, walking, and running are all excellent first chakra activities—but choose a form of exercise you like. It’s all good.

yoga-241614_640Yoga and pranayama are great choices too. The standing poses such as the warrior series, tree, backbends, and squatting all will strengthen your first chakra. Try breath of fire pranayama or the mula banda mudra.

In your spiritual work, forgiveness of those who have betrayed you and work with fears are incredibly beneficial. EFT and the Work of Byron Katie are my favorite ways to work with forgiveness, fear, and money issues. Somatic therapies like Hakomi or Core Energetics are great for lower chakra work too. Acknowledging yourself for acts of courage, however small, and taking steps to cultivate trust in yourself and in life are also powerful growth goals that will strengthen your first chakra. 

Books by Barbara Brennan, Roslyn Bruyere, or Anodea Judith are all great resources.

Flower essences are helpful here as well. They gently bring in powerful plant medicine and are tolerated by almost everyone. Try Oregon Grape, Mariposa Lily, Evening Primrose, or Chicory to help heal trauma and neediness that began in childhood. Flower essences are available online or at many health food stores. I like Bach and FES myself.

Crystals and gems are powerful, subtle healers as well.gems-836763_640Amber, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, Obsidian, and Moss Agate are all appropriate for root chakra issues and for grounding. Plus, like flower essences, they bring in members of your natural community that is awesome for first chakra stuff.

These are all complementary suggestions, and are absolutely NOT a substitute for medical care when that is necessary. Listen to your body. Get help from a practitioner if you aren’t sure which type of therapy would be best for you.

Balancing your chakras is a fundamental self-help tool that anyone can learn. I’m happy to help you get started. I offer energy healing packages of three or six sessions.


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