June Astro Forecast

Ah June … the first days of summer and the illusion as we ramp up to the Summer Solstice that the evanescent, possiblity-filled evenings will last forever …

June is the month of Gemini, and we do tend to find ourselves flitting about, becoming more social, and generally wanting more stimulation.

Let’s take a look at the astrology for the month. I’m playing with formats, and it came to me that breaking it out week by week is easier for you to keep track of and me to cross-post on social media. So here we go.


adult book book store bookcaseJune 1-9

Mercury went into its own sign of Gemini on May 29th, which was also the Sag Full Moon. So again, we have an extra boost to our Gemini-related activities such as writing, study, communication, and research. And whatever house in our charts that Gemini rules. We start the month with some mixed astro energies—par for the course. Helpful trines between Mars in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini bless communication, action toward writing goals, or starting research or a new course of study.

Venus in Cancer is trine Jupiter (still retrograde in Scorpio)—emotional expression is fruitful when it is deep and authentic. Be sure and offer nurturing to those who are needing your shoulder this weekend.

The Moon is in some tough aspects from the 1-4, so expect some triggering, but use the trines to communicate honestly and proactively. Midweek sees some intense aspects putting a little buzz kill on the Sun/Mercury conjunction and effusion of Gemini. Balance superficiality with the demands of multiple challenging aspects between the luminaries and the outer planets. You may feel great one minute and overwhelmed the next.

crescent moon

June 10-16

This week we have the New Moon in Gemini on Wednesday the 13th.  An awesome time to plant seeds for your twins-related activities and goals. Venus shifts into creative Leo that day too, so look for her blessings wherever Leo is placed in your chart—and her energy casts a creative glow to New Moon intentions. This might be the best time to create goals around your new writing project. Otherwise the week remains a little crunchy, with Mercury moving into sensitive Cancer on the 12th, the Moon opposing Pluto on Friday, and Mercury opposed to Saturn. It may just.feel.hard. Don’t take it personally.

June 17-23

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th, beginning a retrospective journey that lasts until late November. (Check this article  for the whys and wherefores of working with retrogrades). You’ll likely only perceive this if it affects personal planets or angles.


activity adult barbecue bbq

Mercury is trine Jupiter on the 19th, indicating that intimate, considered communication may pay off; and the next day trine to Neptune continues a vulnerable, spiritual, compassionate approach to dialogue—whether that’s with self or other.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st, and we celebrate that longest day of the year. Venus and Mars oppose on the Solstice which creates a dynamic feel. You may want attention and acknowledgement while those around you seem bent on cool objectivity. And it’s a time to consider how your talents and creativity feed the actions you need to take for the collective. 

The Moon conjoins Jupiter on the 23rd, finishing up the watery emotional expressive trend begun by Mercury, who is now opposing Pluto. Transformation may be brewing and you may feel like it’s not safe to go there. Bringing in a safe container for expression will help allow the crumbling of old, unwanted structures that are repressively patriarchal in nature, whether in your own mind or in your immediate circle.

June 24-30

This week has more flow than the previous three, and you may breathe a sigh of relief. Mars turns retrograde on the 26th at 9 degrees of Aquarius. This really puts the kibosh on outward action, especially in your affected houses. Don’t fight it, rather use the retro to examine which of your actions, strategies, and plans are working and which are not.  Check in with desires–it may be that goals and longings have changed and you have to adjust. Mars will turn direct on August 27 at 28 degrees of Capricorn.

pexels-photo-356968.jpegThe Sun and Moon dance with Saturn before their opposition at the Full Moon on the 28th, in Capricorn. Combined with Mars’ retro, you may be really able to drill into your efficiency and systems, and tweak existing life structures. This can be your business, your schedule, your work … even your exercise routines. What’s not working? Revamp.

The Moon conjoins Pluto on Friday offering transformational insights, and then Mars on Saturday … which may translate into effective internal action.

If you want to more about working with transits, check out this article. Or, book a reading and get the specific insights on how the current transits are affecting your personal birth chart.

bye for now …


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