What is the Aura, or Human Energy Field?

Every living thing–and some say even non-living, has an energy field or aura. This is like a bubble of light and energy that surrounds the person or object.  But the human energy system is specific to us. Our field, or aura, influences and reflects our physical body, our thoughts, and our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Entities, attachments, negative thought forms, astral objects can all be present within the field causing distortions that affect how we live and function. If these disruptions are in place for a long enough time, physical disease and/or mental/emotional discomfort can show up.

Events can also be “seen” in the field, when they are still just a possibility. If something is “in the field,” then it likely has been in the creation phase for a while and is getting ready to come into physical reality.

Psychics, energy healers, and medical intuitives can read your aura and perceive some or all of this information. Trained energy healers can repair the field, perform types of spiritual surgery, do cleansings and color healing, and remove unwanted energies and objects.

Anatomy of the Aura*


Our fields have eight personal (that is, applying to the individual only) layers that are  perceivable by healers, and they correspond to the eight personal chakras and an area of health and  life. Let’s explore each level, and what it relates to.

First Layer or Etheric Body

This layer appears as a fine blue or blue-grey web like structure that is duplicate of the physical body including organs, bones, etc.  The teacher in my tradition, Barbara Brennan, assert that this layer or level actually supports the physical. It correlates to the first chakra. Both govern or are associate with our will and ability to live and thrive, create community and roots, basic survival issues, and often financial strength or weakness (though not always!)

Second Layer or Emotional Body

This level is where we find our feelings. The structure of the layer is fluid, or “cloudy” and filled with colors. It is about 3 inches away from the physical body. Often those who see auras are seeing colors on this level. The second chakra is related to this layer, and is associated with creativity, self-love, sexuality, and giving and receiving pleasure.

Third Layer or Mental Bodythird chakra ancient.jpg

Here we perceive another structured layer, seen as a pulsing, yellow mesh that is similar to the first layer but that vibrates much faster. This layer contains our thoughts and ideas. It is correlated to the third chakra and governs our self-concept, perception of power, will, and understanding our place within the universe.

Fourth Layer or Astral Body.

Similar to the 2nd level, this level is also filled with swirling colored light, quite vivid, and it extends out about a foot from the body. This layer is also commonly seen by clairvoyants and is the arena of much of the energetic interactions between people. Astrl object are found in this level of the field, typically from past lives but also sometimes from the present. The fourth chakra is the related energy center, and  governs how we love. The 4th chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras.

Fifth Layer or Etheric Template

Yet another structured layer,  Barbara Brennan describes this level as “creating an empty or negative space in which the first level of the aura can exist.” This layer was definitely the hardest for me to visually understand and perceive–though ironically I could feel it easily. It is really like the negative of the first layer, like a negative of a photograph (for those of us old enough to remember such things!) According to Barbara Brennan, sound creates matter here, so it correlates to the 5th chakra of communication. In Brennan Science, this is where spiritual surgery takes place, which directly affects the physical body and first level.


Sixth Layer or Celestial Body

 The Celestial body extends about two feet from the body and is full of opalescent, pastel light. This is the emotional dimension of the spiritual plane, the level of transformative states, feeling the oneness with God, or no-self. The sixth chakra is the seat of our intuitive vision and the doorway to divine and unconditional love.

Seventh Layer or Causal Body

 This is the mental level of the spiritual plane. It appears as a golden web of light. Some traditions say that this is where the shushumna, or vertical power current is located that runs up and down the spine. The seventh chakra governs our divine knowing and wisdom, and our intellectual connection to our spirituality.

Eighth Layer 

This level wasn’t taught in the Brennan school when I was there, but I work with it frequently and was instructed about it from my celestial teachers. It is, as I understand it, the last of the personal auric layers, and is a bridge between ourselves and the transpersonal.

I work with this level of the field to provide a spiritual structure and cohesiveness, as well as to contain personal power and be a shield to energies outside the body. Some healers say that this is where karma lives, or where we access the Akashic Records (my understanding of the Akashic Records is that they exist 5th dimensionally, and thus are not connected to a specific chakra. Though I do move up through this chakra as I shift consciousness to access the Records). This layer corresponds to the eighth chakra, where the patterns and beliefs of karma are held. I perceive Brennan’s “ID point” as being here, that is, the fullness of what creates the idea/illusion of a separate self resides here, and we can access our soul’s blueprint or incarnational intent from this point. I honestly don’t work with this chakra that much; rather the work I do relates to this level of the field itself.

What Does Color in the Aura Mean?

The colors in our aura change all the time, and are influenced by what we are experiencing, the way we typically run energy patterns, and by physical and mental health. Everything affects the energy field–spiritual practice, prayer, healing work, medication, drugs, alcohol, trauma–everything! All the mental tapes we run, the positive thoughts, love all impact the quality and color of our aura.

Different traditions ascribe a variety of meanings to colors seen. Generally bright, fluid colors will indicate health and positive energy that is moving. Dull and stagnant colors, gray and black may all indicate drug use, stagnancy, or the presence of dis-ease. But again, the colors change a lot, so don’t get freaked out if you happen to see a color that alarms you in your loved one’s aura. If you are someone that can sense colors in the energy field, you will have experienced this. If you are concerned about colors or other things you see in the field, talk to an energy healer or trusted psychic to help.

Why Work With the Aura?

This is honestly just an intro to the human energy field. And this is just one view; there are many traditions and schools which view the field differently. But my experience has shown me that the correlations between chakras, field layers, and physical/mental/emotional reality exists. I believe it’s crucial to have at least a basic level of energetic “hygiene” and wellness. It’s a complement to traditional medicine, therapy, and other forms of healing.

pexels-photo-257037.jpegEnergy medicine exists in many forms, from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, to Reiki, to Brennan Science, to shamanic healing or the simple laying on of hands. Trained practitioners can provide understanding and relief for physical illness, emotional and mental distress, and more. At the very least energy work helps relieve stress and anxiety; at best it can actually transform physical symptoms** or provide spiritual or emotional breakthroughs.

When Should You Get Energy Work?

Energy clearing or healing is appropriate as a support when you are dealing with a medical condition, either chronic or acute (I found incredible relief from the hospital Reiki nurse when I was healing from cancer); when you are dealing with grief, divorce, big life changes, or minor depression. I think a monthly tune-up is amazing, or quarterly. And there are many simple clearing techniques you can learn to do yourself. Like most vibrational modalities, energy medicine is cumulative and subtle, though benefits–especially over time–will be noticeable.

I wrote this article now because I am starting to combine energy clearing and healing with my Akashic work. It’s cool–and yet I see that in some ways I have been doing this all along. I’m excited to be offering energy clearing again after taking a hiatus to focus on other areas of my work. If you want more info about my energy work, visit the page or email me. If you are a new client and reference this article, you can get an intro single session for only $97.

I was frankly amazed when I began studying at the Brennan school. Our energetic body is just as intricate and wondrous as our physical bodies, and deserves our attention and care.

Thanks for reading, as always. If you want sessions, go here, or give me a shout.

Though it’s snowing outside, covering the daffodils, I feel the brimming possibilities of spring. I hope you do too!


Photo on 4-11-18 at 2.46 PM #2Elia

 *I was trained in Brennan Science, where I learned this specific energy anatomy.
**energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment. Seek medical care if you have serious concerns or health issues.

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