April Astrology Forecast

April is the cruellest month …. (wrote T.S. Eliot in The Wasteland) … and as frigid winds belie the warmth of the sun and I still stoke the wood stove, I tend to agree. Although I don’t always write forecasts, as most of you know, there’s enough happening this month that it’s helpful for me–for myself, as well as you–to delineate and reflect on the energies at play.

So, let’s get to it. What are the planets up to this month?

Changes in Attitude

We’ve got a few planets changing motion this month:

  • Mercury turns direct early on the 15th, at 4′ 47″ Aries
  • Saturn goes into retrograde on the 17th, at 9′ 09″ Capricorn, until Sept. 6
  • Pluto also retros in Cap, on the 22nd, at 21′ 27″ (SD on Oct 1)

Aries isn’t really an inward sign, and so the Mercury retro has been a bit of a struggle. Is it just me or is this retrograde lasting forever? Our halfway point, the conjunction with the Sun, was on the 1st. Reflect back to any “ahas” that may have come to you on the nature and meaning of this cycle for you personally. Once it turns direct, if you’ve felt unable to express desires, opinions, and preferences, the forward motion will assist.


Saturn’s backward shuffle is always long and slow, but does give time to integrate how things have been shaping up in our affected houses and in our desire to create structure and freedom from fear generally.

Mars and Saturn conjoined yesterday, the 2nd, and stay together through about the 13th. This energy can be stubborn, explosive, and frustrating, or Mars can energize your desire to get your shit together and stop giving into your fears. Things may come to a head in your affected house.

Mercury is in square to Mars on Wednesday the 4th, and Saturn on the 5th, so watch communication flare-ups or desires to be self-centered … you may not feel free to speak; anger and aggression can mask fear.

Pluto has a long retro too, and usually we don’t notice so much, unless personal planets and angles are affected. As with any retro, the point is to review and understand the issues at play, and to throw off and away, like an unused booster rocket, the schtuff that ain’t serving any more. With Cap, this will be your structures, rules, work, traditions, methods of self-fathering.

Mars conjoins Pluto on the 26th, at around 21′ Capricorn. The energy of this transit is good for personal transformation and eradication of fears. Courage may be needed … it’s always a complete crapshoot what actually shows up, but it may be intense. Trust the change that comes as being for your own good and transmutation.


Doors Open and Close

It’s worth paying attention to sign changes, or ingresses, as vibrations shift perceptibly.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th or 20th (depending on time zone). Now we can settle into our new ways of being: the body yearns to throw off winter stodge, to enjoy the sun and simple pleasures of the emerging spring. Indulge and exercise.

Venus enters Gemini on the 24th. For now, money, survival, and pleasure issues are up as Venus travels her own sign of Taurus. This energy works well with productive aspects of Capricorn, and brings a kindness and harmony into the money/work sphere. What makes you happy to work at? What do you really value? Venus says “do it.” Her ingress into Gemini will signal a shift into a lighter, flightier groove, and will bless our writing projects, research, and whatever house Gemini rules. Notice how your Divine Feminine wants to express through Taurus, and then through Gemini.

Venus and the Moon will conjoin on the 17th, as both oppose Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio. There will be a need to balance the practical needs for safety and survival with the desire to go off into various Scorpionic deep ends. This could be a quite emotionally charged transit, so be aware of power struggles, competitions of will, and taking things way too personally.


Luna in All Her Guises

The New Moon is in Aries, on the 15th, coinciding with Mercury’s shift. This truly is a great seed planting time, for that is the urge of Aries: to sow seeds of true desire. Pay attention to what you really want, really long for, rather than shoulds. Access Aries courage to admit how you’ve been fooling yourself, talking yourself into and out of things. Make a promise to serve yourself more honestly and without giving any f**ks about what others think. Am I talking to myself, here? Absolutely.

The Full Moon arrives on the 29th in Scorpio, so expect to find fruition on the emotional plane and perhaps some insight into feelings triggered by the Venus/Moon opposition of Jupiter on the 17th. The Moon opposes Uranus just a few hours before her ingress into Scorpio, so there could be relating stuff come up with this Moon.

What you choose to pay attention to this month is up to you … have a look at this article about how to work with transits. There’s always a lot going on; those things that affect your chart in a personal way will be the most felt. It could be kind of an intense month though, so take good care of yourself emotionally and include your body too.

As always, if you want a reading, book here, or give me a shout.


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