What Is a Composite Astrology Chart? (and how to use it)

Have you ever been curious about what astrology can tell you about your relationships? Maybe you’ve wondered about past lives, the spiritual purpose of your marriage, or why you have such a difficult time relating to a family member.

Astrology is such an informative, insightful way to learn about your relationship patterns and karma, and understand ways to emphasize positives, and transform challenges. The composite astrology chart is my fave for grokking the purpose—challenges and gifts—of any relationship: family, spouses/partners, children, even businesses.

What the Heck Is A Composite Chart?

A composite chart is created from two separate birth charts and represents the relationship itself. It’s not as personal as your own natal chart, which contains components that can be transformed, worked with, or grown into. The natal chart feels more dynamic.

Since a composite chart is the blueprint of a relationship, you can’t do anything to change it—it is more a less a static thing. You can react to it, and learn to understand it (and how to work within it), but to quote my bonus teens, “it is what it is.”

Just like with a natal chart, the information in a composite chart shouldn’t be viewed as good or bad. Astrology gives us information, and we decide how to act upon it. A composite chart will not say “dump this guy!” or “he’s the one!” but it will highlight the purpose of your coming together and any potential past life karma and patterns.

people-office-group-team.jpgHow Do You Use A Composite Relationship Chart?

A composite chart looks just like a natal chart, and you read it the same way. Planets in signs and houses, aspects and transiting planets all will reveal information about the relationship.

It’s probably easiest if we look at an example. Let’s call our sample couple Lila and Tony (characters in a book I’m reading just now). Now, this sample couple has the composite Sun in Pisces. We can see that the very essence of the relationship (the Sun) is Piscean. The relationship will be emotional and have a lot of potential for spiritual growth and healing, but that might come in a very loving and compassionate way, or through lots of projection, illusion, deception … this couple may even perhaps deal with addiction of one or both partner.

Let’s further say that the composite sun is in the 5th house. This increases the possibility for a creative/expressive relationship, but also the possibility for co-dependency complete with drama. They may have an agreement to bring forth children, and this might represent the most spiritual of paths for them, or one that is dysfunctional.

Of course, we have to look at Venus too!  Lila and Tony’s composite love planet is incsm_Head_04_2b11769d29Scorpio, first house. Sexual self-expression and freedom will be really important for them, and this may be a couple who would do well to explore tantra or other esoteric sexual practices together. This relationship can really be about sensuality, emotional depth, and a fantastic intimacy—if they can stay interdependent and not co-dependent.

This couple has their composite Saturn in Taurus in the 7th house. They may very much value a stable, practical approach to relationship, but be unable to sustain resources or money. They may be able to create a loving stable container for their love and their children, or they are get deadlocked in projection and classic Taurus stubbornness around money, home, and even shared values. Both will need to contribute and feel their creative and divine gifts are honored, yet they may struggle if both want to be artists for example. This placement could be great for living in spiritual community, as long as that resonates with both of their values. My clients are terrified to see Saturn in the 7th, but it can really bring a relationship that lasts.

You can see how just by looking at a few factors this is just like interpreting  birth chart. But! We need to remember that this chart does not describe how each person feels about each other, how they give and receive, how they communicate as individuals. Based on their individual charts they will respond differently to the pieces of the composite. But they both will experience the potential creative and emotional cauldron of this relationship.

It’s quite possible that both Lila and Tony have experienced past lives as religious people, but who did not experience sexuality or having children. Now they could choose to explore spirituality in the context of being a “householder.” Also explore spirit and sex combined, and how to survive outside of a monastic or religious community. We’d look at all the factors of the chart to see past life karma more clearly.

If they understand the purpose and potential of their relationship, it may make the effort that Saturn brings worth it. The possibility for healing, growth, and a deep-seated intimacy may be attractive to them, and they may decide: let’s do this!

In my own relationships, understanding the purpose and unchanging dynamics of my peeps has been soooooo helpful. It allows me to step back and have objectivity, as well as compassion for myself. I’ve been able to see how to work with obstacles, where to allow, and what to accept. It’s empowering–and utterly fascinating.

This is just a basic intro to how you might work with a composite chart, either yourself, if you’ve got some astro chops, or with an astrologer. If you are curious about getting this type of reading, email me! Or read more here about how I do relationship readings.

I’m curious to know what you’ve learned about a relationship through astrology. Leave a comment below, or if you have a question about how these charts work.


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3 thoughts on “What Is a Composite Astrology Chart? (and how to use it)

  1. I’m thinking I might want to have a composite chart done with me & Mike, just out of curiosity. We’re pretty much on our way out of the relationship, but i would just be interested in knowing more about us. What is the cost? Sue


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