How Eclipses Affect You

We’re in eclipse season, and one of the things I get asked the most is “how can I use/understand/benefit from the eclipses in my life?”

pexels-photo-580679.jpegAnatomy of An Eclipse

Aside from their pure astronomical beauty and power, eclipses offer accelerated or enhanced energies for healing during their singular occurrences and within the “bundled” cycle–there will always be a lunar eclipse and solar eclipse together, and sometimes there is an extra lunar or solar event–like this summer, where there will be two solar and one lunar eclipse in the bundle.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon enters the earth’s shadow; solar eclipses happen when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The alignment must be precise: when the Sun is at the point in its path where it conjuncts the Nodes (so for astrological purposes, the eclipses can be “South Node” or “North Node”). The Nodes are the points in the Moon’s orbit that intersect with the ecliptic–or the Sun’s apparent path across the sky (see the relation? eclipse … ecliptic). In any given year there are two eclipse seasons, one occurring as the transiting Sun conjuncts the transiting North Node, and the other occurring as the transiting Sun conjuncts the transiting South Node.

In astrology we track the movement of the Moon’s nodes through the zodiac. The Nodes in your chart represent your path from past life (South Node) to present life (North Node) karmic intent. The Nodes by transit represent themes we are working on currently in our personal development and spiritual evolution.

When the eclipses fall on the South Node, we are working on old patterns and woundings, stale habits or fixed beliefs that no longer serve. We can take learning from our past, but we want to move toward the opposite, the North Node. When the eclipses are on the North Node, the impetus for evolution and revolution becomes more intense.

Right now, with the Nodal axis in Leo (North) and Aquarius (South) we are moving from past trauma, rigidity, and isolation (shadow Aquarius) to greater self-love, creativity, and connectedness (high vibe Leo). That in turn leads to a healing of the individual heart (shadow Leo) so that it can serve the inspired collective (high vibration Aquarius).

pexels-photo-414612.jpegHow the Eclipses Affect You

So there are layers for us, when looking at how we can use the eclipses in our own healing. The first layer is to acknowledge the Moon cycle–full or new–and the sign the Moon falls in. The second layer is the Node that is in play. The third, and most personal, is where the eclipse falls in our charts, and what planets and angles are affected.

Let’s look at the current eclipse cycle and take a couple of examples. We’ll call our samples Lucy and Jo.

The January 31 lunar eclipse was at 11 degrees of Leo/Aquarius (Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius), involving the South Node. First we would look at the full Moon phase, and remember that full Moons offer a time of fruition, reaping, culminating, of things coming into full light. With the eclipse, there is always the potential of added information that was previously in shadow emerging to inform whatever the full Moon may be bringing.

Lucy’s ASC is Virgo, so that the eclipse involved the Moon in the 12th house and the Sun in the 6th (in Aquarius). In a normal full Moon, she would expect to feel sensitive around old woundings, especially in the Leo areas of self-love, self-trust, and self-esteem. Perhaps these are childhood wounds, or they may be karmic and part of her overall incarnational patterns. It’s possible at the full Moon some new information would come to light to assist her in healing these wounds. In an eclipse situation in the 12th house, it might come in the form of a divine download or connection to divine that was previously unfelt or unacknowledged, or maybe Lucy has a dream that reveals a missing link.

Add in the Sun’s presence in her 6th house in Aquarius. Now she takes the dream she’s had and journals about it or talks about it with her therapist. Through the process of examining the dream, she gains a new, more objective understanding of her issue, and begins to see that her pain is also part of the collective pain. This allows compassion and detachment, as well as a desire to move beyond her own experience to assist others.

As a result of her insight and steps toward healing, Lucy decides to volunteer at a women’s shelter, where she is able to offer love and support to women who are struggling with self-esteem. Lucy’s service burnishes her own heart, and in turn she feels more self-love. This is the loop of Leo/Aquarius: self–other–self–other.

So what should she expect from the next eclipse in the cycle? February 15 offers another South Node eclipse, this one a new Moon solar event at 27 degrees of Aquarius. Since both the Sun and Moon are in Aquarius, her 6th house is impacted. The new Moon is a time to plant new seeds and intentions, which can be magnified by the eclipse energy.

To continue our example, Lucy has been volunteering for a couple weeks at the women’s shelter. This work has had a huge impact on her already, and she feels that her current job isn’t allowing her to fulfill her potential and desire to shine and help others. So she takes this time to set an intention to find a job that more aligns with this new insight, healing, and service that has unfolded in her life. Because the energy is so magnified during an eclipse, Lucy has the experience of her job “deselecting” from her life. Initially she might feel some panic as she gets the news of her layoff, but the Aquarian objectivity kicks in and she takes a deep breath. She decides to up her volunteer time while she’s looking for a new job, and within a month a position opens at the shelter. Her daily work life (6th house) is transformed, and it all began with a dream (12th house).

A second example …

In Jo’s chart, the January eclipse falls in her 8th house. She has an argument with her partner that highlights the economic disparity in their relationship, and she initially feels threatened and wounded. In the reconciliation, however, she and her partner agree that things just need to be shared more equably, and Jo realizes that being more financially self-reliant will help her with her ongoing co-dependency recovery.

vintage-woman-pretty-glamorous-38905.jpegShe decides to set her own intentions to create more financial abundance during the new Moon solar eclipse in February. She is inspired to create a small side business selling her quirky hats on Etsy. Aquarius rules her 2nd house cusp, the house of earned income, talent and skills, and self-reliance. This isn’t easy for her, by the way! With Aquarius ruling her 2nd house, and being the sign of the transiting South Node, she has some limiting beliefs, and possibly trauma, around women’s ability to support themselves.

She’s afraid, but with her new intent for greater self-love and self-trust (Leo), she decides to feel the fear and do it anyway. It takes time, but within the year her little Etsy store is supplementing her income so that she can feel more equal in her relationship to her partner. Sharing her creative work (Leo) with others, and making money is a boost to her self-esteem, and allows her to shine more brightly in her gifts.

For the Skimmers

You can gain so much by just working with the full and new moon phases, the signs they fall in, and where they occur in your chart. Harness the intensifying power of the eclipses by taking action and setting clear intentions. The themes for the next eclipses are along the Leo/Aquarius axis (with the exception of a partial solar eclipse in Cancer in July). Self-love, freedom, equality, creative response to social need … these are the themes of this astrological polarity. How can you use these energies to create more love and freedom in your life, and find creative ways to offer your skills to your tribe? How can you heal old wounds, rigid beliefs, and trauma, allowing your courageous lion heart to shine?

As always, I’m happy to work with you to clarify the astro-energies in your chart. Reach out!




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