Moon! Celebrating the Lunar Eclipse


My relationship to the moon has waxed and waned (heh heh) over the course of my life. There were years when I actively engaged in specific rituals and observations of the moon’s cycle. Years when I’ve been, like most of us, largely oblivious of her. As an astrologer, of course there is always some awareness of the moon–especially the eclipses–but honestly I’m usually so preoccupied by the million other transits vying for my attention that the moon’s relative sprint through the zodiac can’t catch my attention for long.

But this year, as I crafted a simple, solitary Solstice ritual, I was inspired to reconnect to this most elemental of cycles; one that, indeed, is more authentic to me as an animal upon this earth that the orderly superimposition of calendar days across my life.

pexels-photo-257840.jpegBeing attuned to the moon needn’t be complex. You can make it so, as you are inclined, but at her most basic, the new moon offers a time for sowing seeds, and the full moon a time to gather them.

I find that if I want to incorporate something new into my life, the best way to do that is to add simply, and in layers (though of course my first impulse is to make things intricate and complicated). This way I won’t overwhelm myself with obligation or have-tos, thereby killing off the desire that inspired my action in the first place.

So let’s begin with Wednesday’s moon.

Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Supermoon … Eclipse!

The moon will be full at 11′ 37″ of Leo, opposing the sun in those same degrees of Aquarius on January 31. This full moon happens to be the first Lunar eclipse (total) of our 2018 eclipse season, which continues to occur primarily in the signs of Leo/Aquarius (where the nodes are). The eclipse is at around 8:37 am EST.

Venus will be conjunct the sun for this eclipse, adding a touch of harmony and sweetness.

Our silvery sister is also close to the earth right now in her orbit (at perigee), and so appears larger in the sky–the supermoon effect. In terms of astrology, this doesn’t have much significance, except that of course the effects of the moon are amplified.

It’s also a Blue moon–meaning that it’s the second full moon in the month. This is not significant for us astrologically, nor is the title Blood moon. Some of us will be able to see the moon turn red as it enters the shadow of the earth before and after the actual eclipse. Very dramatic–but not astrologically meaningful.

What Does the Eclipse Mean for You?

I’ve written before that eclipses are a mixed bag. Sometimes you notice the effects, sometimes not. If you have planets or angles affected in your chart, then you will feel effects more–this is true on any full moon. Eclipses, however, add a certain frission to the normal power of a full moon. We have light, then darkness, and then the light emerges again. It’s not hard to see the symbolism there. You may experience a struggle within yourself between light and dark aspects, or something from outside may emerge from darkness to impact your life. This doesn’t have to be traumatic; you might have good news, or learn of an unexpected result from actions taken during the new moon.

Because the full moon falls in Leo, we will all be exploring that archetype. Leo governs creativity, self-expression, self-love, and the radiant heart of generosity that we can embody when we are in healthy relationship to ourselves. Of course, the shadow aspects of Leo are present too: narcissism, selfishness, the bossy spotlight-hog. Watch for what comes up for you on Wednesday within these meta-themes.

Art-Painting-Mythology-fantasy-Underwater-kingdom-18761One astrologer I follow is really into the Sabian Symbols for the moon, which I’ve never bothered with, but he says that the energy around this eclipse is festive and social, inviting us to surround ourselves with our tribe. Sounds good–why not? Very Leo, at any event.

We don’t want to forget the sun, playing his part over there in Aquarius. As the polarity to Leo, Aquarius is focused beyond the self to the group or collective. When we are finally secure in ourselves and creative expression, we move beyond just the self, and ask, how does my creativity and presence serve the tribe? Balance between both is required. On its own, Aquarius can be cold and lacking human warmth–think tanks, policies, the collective devoid of individual faces. It needs the individuation of Leo to remind it who it serves. So the sun provides that balance to the moon, and layers the attributes of Aquarius into the moon pie.

With the Venus conjunction, there will be an added boost of harmony and love, and perhaps a deeper opportunity to examine our values in relation to these Leo/Aquarius meta-themes.

Of course, where this falls in your chart is the most important piece of info. If you have your natal chart, dig it out and see where that 11′ mark is. The two houses activated by the sun and moon will show you where to expect activity.

Working With the Full Moon

pexels-photo-606541.jpegThe most direct way to work with the full moon is to step outside and observe it! Appreciate her beauty, and her constant presence. She influences so many things–not least the tides of our planet and our bodies. Sometimes this is all I do. Look at her, thank her, allow the light to come into me.

Journaling to record what comes into harvest is also a fun activity. Just like a ripened, juicy peach, the full moon offers us the fruits of our labors. When you’re in the groove of moon-time, you can really see how intentions you’ve planted come to fruition during fullness. Since she’s in Leo, see what creative impulses are ready to pluck, or what new self-awarenesses are coming into light. Or, simply, make a special record of what results you manifest in the three days around the full moon.

Of course, this is a great moon to spend with your besties, so if a mid-week get together is possible, enjoy the company of kindred spirits.

Whether or not you can see the eclipse, get outside during the moon’s fullness, and offer your appreciation (Leo) for how she serves us (Aquarius) here on planet earth.


Photo on 6-12-17 outside curiousElia

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