Why Should You Care About the Akashic Records? (and other pertinent questions)

“I love the work you do, Elia, [as an astrologer] but honestly, why should I care about the Akashic Records?”

“I’m really interested in the Records, but is it ok to be messing around in there?”

These are two great questions that came up over the last week from clients, and I wanted to address them here.

Why You Might Consider Caring About the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are this great database of all that you have ever done as a soul. Some say it even contains all of our thoughts–though I don’t know about that myself. (Can you imagine? Yikes!)

This database is an incredible research tool when you are trying to figure out why you stay stuck in certain patterns of behavior and outcomes.

There’s that saying–“you don’t know what you don’t know” and this is what often trips us up in the process of personal development and growth. We are aware of our circumstances, but we don’t understand why they are arising. So we can’t really make informed change, because we don’t know what to address.

Many modalities can address this not-knowing: therapy, hypnotherapy, and so on. But, having utilized all of those, I find that the Akashic Records provide the most direct route to awareness of cause and effect.

Once we know why and how a certain negative karmic pattern was created, we can then choose to work with and release the pattern, or make new changes. We can head our old unconscious behaviors off at the pass.

Of course, like with any healing work, there is still action to take in creating change. Knowing a thing doesn’t in and of itself change your circumstances. But I’ve seen people make amazing shifts with the info they receive in a reading. It takes a little time, but change happens all the same.

In my own life I’ve seen fantastic shifts in some areas while I still labor away in others. Still, I’m conscious of what needs to change. And if I need more information, I can go back to the Records, dig deeper, and gain more insight.

In addition, in the modality I practice, we get to learn about our original soul blueprint, life lessons we’re working on, and how to more clearly align with that blueprint to create more easily.

It’s pretty cool. Accessing the Records places responsibility and autonomy squarely in your own hands. Yes, you may need someone to access the info for you (though anyone can learn themselves), but after that, it’s all you baby. Empowerment central.

Is it OK to Mess Around in the Records?

I actually had two versions of this question arise from clients, so I think it’s important to speak to what it is that I’m actually doing with your Akashic Record.

First off, I get your permission, both from you as an incarnate person(ality) and from your soul fifth dimensionally. So if your soul says “no,” then I don’t do the reading.

Second, I’m only accessing your file, so to speak. I’m not editing, changing, judging, erasing, or adding to this file. I can’t! No one has the power to change your record except you. And we don’t edit the past, not do-able. So really, I’m just reading and relaying information, and helping you understand and synthesize what I’m telling you.

It’s like having a “read-only” document in front of me. When I’m done accessing it, I ask the Akashic Record keepers to close the record and put it back. This is really for me, as a practitioner, so I don’t stay plugged into the Records or your file, which would be harmless for you but exhausting and distracting for me.

With my Soul Realignment clients, there is a clearing process that happens, if they want, but I don’t do that myself. I merely give the go-ahead to the Record keepers and they update the Record in question. It’s like tidying up a desk, filing away papers that are no longer needed. Those papers still exist, and they can be pulled out again. Nothing is forgotten or lost or destroyed.

Of course, all of this is a bit of metaphor, a mental construct, to explain a phenomenon that happens on the fifth dimension, where there are no literal filing cabinets, great libraries, or epic tapestries.

We all have a fifth dimensional aspect, and we all can access the Akashic Records. There’s some art and style to it, of course, but anyone can learn it. As to why you’d want to, see above.

I think in recent times there have been some scary stories about metaphysical practitioners who hijack their clients with fear and manipulation to keep them coming back and paying exorbitant sums of money. This is clearly unethical and not what most of us do. Apply common sense when working with someone in the spiritual realms.

Ok … that’s my bit for today. I love answering questions from clients and readers, so ask away.

Now I’m going to honor my Four of Swords, heat up some chicken soup, and rest.

Be well!




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