What’s In Store for 2018

Let’s get right into business here … ’cause there’s a lot to talk about with the planetary activity in 2018.

artificial-intelligence-2167835_640Meta Themes

Resources, surviving/thriving, building, enduring, practical action. Review of relationships, power structures, and personal truth.

In numerology, it’s a Two year. We will be building upon seeds of change and new thought we put into action in 2017. This is our year to build slowly, create a structure that works, and endure the inevitable ups and downs of the growth process. We are generally building toward the apex of a 9 year cycle (2017-2026). The energies in Capricorn support this kind of planned, sustained growth.

The trick is to let ideas and choice trajectories that are not showing any positive growth die away if need be. It’s going to be very important to get clear on intentions and the energetic quality of your growth trajectories to make informed choices. No auto pilot this year–it could make or break goals in a 3 dimensional way.

With many planets in retrograde this year there will be a start-stop energy, and we just have to plan for and deal with that.

Uranus Enters Taurus: Adapt to Survive & ThriveUranus_and_Ariel-732X520

The dates:

  • Taurus 5/15/18 thru 8/7/18
  • retrograde 8/7-1/6/19 to 28′ Aries
  • direct in Aries 1/6/19-5/15/19
  • Taurus 5/15/19 until 4/26/26 (with a dip in and out of Gemini)

Uranus energizes and revolutionizes whatever sign it’s in, and it will stay for around seven years in a sign. The themes of Taurus are:

  • resources: talent & money
  • survival
  • self-reliance
  • steadiness/stubbornness
  • practical action
  • simplicity
  • focus
  • security
  • relationship with the body and the physical world

Obviously it is super-helpful if you know which areas of your own chart to be impacted by this major ingress. But generally you can expect the areas in the list above to want to change, morph, rocket into and out of existence, expand and be inspired by the collective, technology, and a new desire for freedom. The retro dip back into Aries will solidify those themes of self-care, adventure, initiative, and personal growth that we’ve all been exploring the past seven years.

As an outer planet, we will feel the transit of Uranus as a collective, but it is also like a drone or bass note in the background of other swifter moving transits–until it is activated by other planets in aspect, or by crossing your house cusps or angles, or of course by making contact with your personal planets.

With this unpredictable energy in one of the most stable and stubborn of our zodiac signs, we will need to be mindful of course correction toward our goals to adapt and survive/thrive.

Saturn in Capricorn With Pluto Through 2020


There will be an actual conjunction between the two planets in 2020, so until that time we are being asked to consider our fears, our stuck patterns, our rigid adherence to outdated traditions and mores. Saturn in Cap really wants us to build safe, sustainable structures for all of us (earth and other species included) to thrive and grow. Remember the high vibration of Capricorn (and Saturn by association) is the Good Father, King, Teacher.

The practical application of this energy is to watch what you are resisting, and why. With Saturn, the more you resist, the more painful life becomes. If something wants to be rebuilt or recycled, find ways to accept and move forward. I know–no small task, but we are supported and encouraged in this by Pluto, Jupiter, and other planetary activities in Scorpio.

Jupiter continues in Scorpio through November of this year. With Mars coming through, making contact last Saturday the 6th, we will inevitably see energizing of the themes of Scorpio at play. Where is this active for you? I’m dealing a lot with death–literally, and how I think and act and believe around this very deep and profound theme. In the outer world it’s sexual scandal and power abuses.

Practically, get to know the archetype of Scorpio and how this is showing up for you–knowing the houses involved will help.

Chiron–the Wounded Healer–Enters Aries: A New 51 Year Cycle of Healing

Amidst all these themes of power and earthly resources, the new cycle of Chiron will be all about self-healing of the individual, which in turn replicates as healing of the collective. We will be able to examine our wounds of self-trust, courage, personal authority, the ability to act, and to make the radical leap from toxic care-taking to enlightened self-interest.

This is challenging in our culture, where we are trained–especially as women–to put others first always. Understanding the balance of self and other is the lesson of the Aries/Libra polarity. This isn’t about being selfish; it’s about being able to act and take care of yourself–the old oxygen mask metaphor.


  • Enters Aries 4/17/18
  • Retrograde into Pisces from 9/25/18 to 2/18/19
  • Direct into Aries 2/18/19 for 51 years

Working Within: Retrograde Cycles of Mars, Venus, Mercury

Every two and a half years or so Mars and Venus will go retrograde. We are less used to these cycles than with Mercury, so it always comes as a bit of a “huh? what?” moment when Mars and Venus do their inner dance. As with any retro, the time is ripe to review, reassess, revamp, revisit, according to the planet, sign, and if you know your houses, the area life affected.

Venus Retrograde


  • 10/5 -11/16: 10′ Scorpio to 25′ Libra
  • in the meta: relationships, power, harmony, balance of self and other, intimacy, sex, money

Practically, everyone says don’t get a tattoo, new hairdo, or buy a bunch of luxury stuff you don’t need. Take this as you will; I think it’s really important to be looking at the deeper stuff above, and where your chart is impacted.

Mars Retrograde

  • 6/26-8/27: 9′ Aquarius to 28′ Capricorn
  • in the meta: issues of autonomy, freedom, vision, the collective, power structures, action taken for freedom vs. fear, desire to stabilize and transform … synthesis of both energies

To utilize this energy, really take a look at your actions (even and especially the little repetitive ones) and see what is being created in your life. What is the energetic quality of most of your choices? Is it fear, obligation, resentment, empowerment, freedom?

Mercury Retrograde

  • 3/22-4/15: 16′ Aries to 4′ Aries
  • 7/26-8/19: 23′ Leo to 11′ Leo
  • 11/16-12-6: 13′ Sag to 27′ Scorpio
  • in the meta: truth vs. lies, communication, facts, perception of the information coming through

We all know how to deal with Mercury by now in retro, I think. Be mindful of communication, motivation, and how you are expressing yourself. Contracts and obligations made will most likely have to be revisited or revised etc. Again, knowing your houses will be of huge help to narrow down the impacted areas for the retro for you personally.

Eclipses solar-eclipse_end_dia

Eclipses happen every year, both lunar and solar. They are opportunities for accelerated awareness, manifestation and growth, and will be felt especially when they impact personal planets or angles. Working with eclipses is a bit of a crap-shoot, I’ve found. But energy will be moving, information will come to light, and in the Leo and Aquarius axis, radical new or creative ideas may be born. Equally we may gain insight on how to offer our gifts to the world, and how to balance self-love with love for the collective, need with freedom, spirit with thought.


  • 1/31/18 total lunar eclipse in 11′ Aquarius/Leo 8:27 am EST (supermoon)
  • 2/15/18 partial solar eclipse 27′ Aquarius, 4:05pm EST
  • 7/12/18 partial solar eclipse at 20′ Cancer, 10:48 pm EDT
  • 7/27/18 total lunar at 4′ Leo/Aquarius 4:20pm EDT
  • 8/11/18 partial solar at 18′ Leo 4:48 am EDT

How To Make The Most of This Planetary Cocktail

I intended this post to be one you refer back to again and again … or to get out your calendar and mark the dates. There is a lot of tricky energy this year, and we are trying to build and create while dodging retrogrades and events in the outer where we feel we have no control.

Fear is not useful, though it will arise for all of us. Knowing your own chart and how these transits will affect you is the best way to maximize the growth and minimize backsliding.  It’s a great time to revisit your natal chart and see where your work is this year.

Every year is a blend of many transits, and not all of them will feel impactful. I myself can’t keep track of it all! The best thing to do is to see which transits support or challenge your major intentions for the year and keep track of those when planning travel, business ventures, relationship stuff, health issues (no operations during Mars retro!) and so on. Saturn is a personal planet for me (rules my Sun), and the eclipses in Leo/Aqu. impact my ASC/DSC axis, so I’m watching those dates. I’m also in a business growth cycle, so I am looking at how the planets are impacting my work and money houses.

If you are interested in how all of this energy impacts the US, the global economy and so on (“mundane” events), I recommend the webinars that Kim Marie puts on through the Evolutionary Astrology Network. They are affordable, if a little technical. She also has a weekly audio podcast that details transits week by week.

It’s a big year, and personally I’m excited to grow and make more conscious and empowered decisions around every aspect of life. I’m here to help if you feel overwhelmed. I reach out to my community of practitioners too–herbalists, energy healers, other metaphysicians–when I feel I can’t hold it all myself.

Let’s rock this year, together. Reach out!


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