Creating Your Future

persephoneI haven’t made resolutions in years. But this year, I’ve been inspired–not to “resolve” to improve myself, but to grasp the helm of this ship I’m steering with a greater level of consciousness and ownership.

You see, I’ve had an intense few weeks of feeling … mortal. Really grappling with a new emotional knowing that I am going to die (hopefully not soon, or terribly). A close relative is in the last days, literally, of her life. It has been challenging, sad, and poignantly informative. Other people in my periphery are grappling with the imminent death of close loved ones. And of course, for me, there is always the shadow of the return of cancer.

There, I’ve said it.

I hate saying it. In fact, I pretty much push away any thought about being sick again when it arises. Except for the last few weeks, when I haven’t been able to.

I don’t want to get into a big conversation here about C. I struggle with the knowledge that I could be one of those statistics (the 1 in 3); that I could face these impossible questions about how, when, and with what attitude I would choose to die.

Morbid, right?


But. The point I want to get to here is that we all come face to face with this specter at one time or another, and ultimately there’s no getting away from it. I think it can be healthy to consider death. To feel our feelings around it.

But I don’t want to get stuck there, because that is not how I want to LIVE.

Understanding dying, perhaps, is to understand living. Not in the “live each day as if it were your last” kind of thing (which seems really impossible unless you are enlightened), but as in, with what energy do I want to live my life?

Crafting the Future

As a psychic type person, I do get lots of questions about the future from clients. It’s natural. We want to know what is going to happen to us, if we will fulfill dreams, find love, and so on. Know what is “written” for us to experience.old book smaller

But the future is not a thing that happens to us.

The future is a thing we create, made from literally millions of choices over time.

Yes, I believe there are contracts, karma, and things that feel “destined.”

But to assume that the future is already written and that we are just on this road that is already paved and populated with scenery that just “happens” is to give away our essential creative power as souls.

So, how do you want to LIVE? With what energy, and in what state, and with whom and what and where?

The most effective way to create a future we desire is to acquire self-knowledge and clarity. To know when we are sabotaging, playing small, or letting our inner child or critic run our show.

Obviously I haven’t mastered this. But I am passionate about being the creator of my own life, about empowerment, and about finding the joy in everyday creating.

Align and Take Action

When The Secret came out all those years ago (2006? 2007?) we were all reminded and excited about the Law of Manifestation. We got all giddy with power and possibility. We started visualizing left and right, wrote down our intentions, and “manifest” became the verb to use.

And then the bubble burst when we realized that it. wasn’t. working.

I mean, it worked a little. I still am driving the exact car I manifested (my 1998 Subaru–I know, maybe I should have aimed a little higher!). For a while I lived in a house that I totally visualized. It was awesome. But basically, for most of us, it didn’t show up the way it did in the film. Easy-like. Always magical.

Many of us swung to cynicism. Many stayed stuck in magical thinking–more affirmations, more inner work would surely help the Law kick in soon.

Why didn’t the Law of Manifestation appear to work?

Not to get all judgy on The Secret, but the movie was really a kind of L of M lite, an introduction to a Law that does exist, and does work, but takes waaayyyy more than just visualizing the things we want.

key-2740735_640.jpgThe key to creating your future intentions is to be a) clear in the first place; b) able to identify the energetic quality of the desire (and embody it–this is the role of visualizing); c) take consistent action that matches the energetic quality of the desire.

Letter C is where most of us fall short. I am still completely a novice at this in some ways (at least at intentional creation–I’m a master at “unintentional” creation!). But I’m starting to see it work, and it’s really, really exciting.

Personally I’m doing work with the Akashic Records to work with future outcomes and aligned intentions. But there are many other ways to create the future you desire too. The key, again, is to not expect the Universe is going to just hand out the goodies with no action. This is wishful thinking and the abdication of personal responsibility.

So. What can we do?

The first step is to get clear about what it is you want, and to be able to name the energetic quality of the desire. Not a vague “I want to be happy,” but a specific quality like safe, free, nurtured.

For example, if your intention in 2018 is to find an intimate partner, first it’s important to figure out how you want to feel, what your life will look like with that person in it. This will be different for everyone. But get clear.

Step two is to be able to give that feeling to yourself, and align with actions that also create that feeling within you. In the example, if you want to have a relationship that makes you feel nurtured, take actions that are nurturing to you. Examine your choices in everyday life: what is the energetic quality of most of your other relationships? With what energy to do you go to work? Create? What is your approach to self-care? If you find that most of your daily actions really resonate to “obligation,” or “resentment” then you are absolutely not going to create a situation in your future that is aligned to “nurtured.”

Make sense?

Honestly, most of us make tons of decisions every day that are really not in alignment with the energy with which we want to live our lives. It is such an eye opener to look at our actions–with compassion!–and see how we set ourselves up to just keep creating more of the same.

Step three of this process is to craft new actions that take us out of our usual and into the territory we want to live in. This is harder than it sounds, because we must be consistent with new actions, and it’s likely that our new steps will create discomfort. And, we need also to be alert to the feedback we are getting from our friend the Universe.

Our choices and actions create reactions; this is really just garden variety karma in action, or the Law of Cause & Effect. When we mix things up, we will get feedback, though it might not seem related to the actions we are taking or what we are trying to manifest.

When we are taking action toward an outcome that isn’t in alignment with our soul blueprint (i.e., when we “should” ourselves into wanting or doing something, usually for someone else or society), often we will see the feedback come in the form of little problems, niggling health concerns, those “bad luck comes in threes” types of events. This is information for you! Though of course we are all subject to the actions of others, we will always have our part to play. This is empowering! It’s data! Use it to course correct or re-examine the intention.

But What About My Boss, Kids, Ex, Number 45?

etteilla devilYep, it’s true, there are others co-creating all the time around us. Messing up our water, food, atmosphere, government, life in general. We are not creating in a vacuum, which makes this whole process more complex. People are taking scary-ass actions out there that we have no control over.

Which it’s why that as many of us as possible become conscious creators. At some point, just like with #metoo, we will tip the balance.

And yes, we are all living with consequences of past actions, past-life karma, and events that were mysterious and seemingly random. I have to live with the fact that I have had cancer, however it got created and whatever my role in that was. I have scars that hurt, procedures I have to still have, and a shadow that will never leave me.

And. I can still choose to LIVE with intent, to keep moving, to not just set the autopilot and go below for another rum punch. I am choosing more forgiveness, more self-love, more “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Better to be excited about what I am creating, in my book, than defeated, cynical, and defined by the assholes out there wrecking our world. And the more empowered I become personally, the more I can share with someone else, who shares with someone else, and out it ripples, into infinity.

How Can I Figure Out What I Want & How to Get There?

Like I mentioned, I’m working with the Akashic Records to clarify and guide intentions and actions for the future. I also always refer to my astro chart, and use transits or tarot cards to help in sticky spots or to find inspiration.

I’d love to help you find your clarity, clear away blocks, and craft action plans that actually support you to create the intentions you want in a realistic and practical way (I’m the grounded mystic, yo!)

If you are ready to get clear, clean up, and move on–let’s talk!

If you actually have no idea what you want and feel totally at sea–this is common and I can help. Contact me to see what reading is the best fit for you.

To a great year of change in the micro and the macro–and to empowerment and equality for us all!

Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Creating Your Future

  1. This is a brilliant article. I have been interested in the Law of Attraction/Cosmic ordering for some time and I have had small successes in manifesting. I have found that when I am close to manifesting something, lots of synchronicities occur. Thank you for sharing this, really inspirational.


    1. Hey thanks! I’m glad you found it useful. I feel there is so much play here with the cosmos … but we have to do our part! Keep creating! Those synchronicities from the universe are feedback that we are aligned to our creation …

      Liked by 1 person

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