Got Goat?

We are about to enter the season of the goat.

As in Capricorn, planets in.

The astro-deets:

  • Saturn enters Capricorn on 12/19/17 (–ish, depending on your time zone)
  • Sun on 12/22/17
  • Venus on 12/26
  • Mercury on 1/11/18
  • Pluto is already here, at about 18 degrees (stays in Cap until 2023)

I’ve got a little video if you want to listen to details of Saturn in Capricorn. (It’s a little wonky, but the info is there. It’s about ten minutes, so grab a cup of tea.)

Capricorn is not the most popular sign of the Zodiac. There’s a lot of darkness around this archetype, and most of us are familiar with the suited, ruthless corporate CEO who is cold, manipulative, and ambitious … he/she lives alone because sex is a waste of time and the only thing that matters is status and money.

Uh … no. I’m a Capricorn and I take umbrage at this stereotype! This article is going to give you the goods on the Capricorn archetype, including tips and benefits to working with the energy of the goat.

Capricorn in Myth (read on: this is better than reality TV)

The need-to-knows about Capricorn will help you make sense of the energy and use it to your best advantage. We all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart, and maybe planets there as well. Also, of course, we have the ingress of several planets into Cap this month.

The glyph, or symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat or sea-goat.zodiacal-sign-capricornThere are a few stories that explain this symbol–from an intelligent race of sea-goats (in Greek myth) that enjoyed favor with the gods (but who eventually all became land goats, except their father, Pricas, who Chronos placed in the sky as the constellation), to the Sumerian god Enki (who ruled over salt water, lakes, intellectual and creative endeavor), or the Babylonian diety, Ea (an “antelope of the sea” who rose from the watery depths to give humans wisdom and knowledge). Other Greek myths suggest that the god Pan is related to Capricorn, ruling nature, or is the goat who nursed Zeus, and who was placed in the sky as a constellation as a reward.

Whatever the story, certain threads run through Cap myth: intelligence, fortune, favor, control over time, shape-shifting, wisdom, and the ability to exist in both land and sea. This is the good stuff. But then, there is a tiny shadow side …


There are connections through the myth to Chronos, who was the father to many of the Greek deities (including Hestia, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus), and who could control time. Chronos was ruthless, in the way of gods, and betrayed his father Uranos. Of course, then he found out that one of his children would betray him, so he ate them all up (except Zeus, who wasn’t born yet). Eventually his wife had Zeus, and hid him away to grow up in safety (where the suckling goat comes in). Zeus grew up and made war with his dad (with the help of giant uncles and cyclops), forced his dad to regurgitate his siblings, and then all was presumably well. Chronos, of course, is related to Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn.


You can see where all that shadow stuff about Cap comes in, and Saturn as well.

But let’s turn to the more practical, positive side of this archetype.

Capricorn in Your Daily Life

When we set goals, make a plan, build a foundation, act with honor and integrity, and take responsibility for our actions, we are accessing the positive attributes of Capricorn, which really is the archetype of the good father. When we persevere through obstacles, keep our eye on the prize, and patiently wait for our efforts to bear fruit, we are Capricorning.

When all these planets get into Capricorn, we are given lots of energy to set up new plans, make our goals for the year, create safe structures for ourselves and others, and review and take responsibility for all that has manifested in the past year.

The Capricorn season really begins with the Solstice, the darkest night, yes, but more importantly, the rebirth of the sun. Hope comes to us in the sign of Capricorn, and we utilize the still, short days of deep winter to vision for the future seasons to come. Slowly we receive more light, and slowly we proceed with our visioning and planning.

Capricorn energy encourages us to attend to the pieces of our lives that are falling apart; to rebuild where we can, and tear down where we must. This archetype reminds us that goat-718922_640we have access to deep inner wisdom, if we will only honor the water, the yin time, taking space to rest and regroup, as well as plan for the future.

Working with the Planets in Capricorn

While the Sun is in Cap (12/21 to 1/21), take time to review your year, assess the results, and adjust accordingly. Be honest with yourself (Cap doesn’t like denial or BSing) about how you led your life this year, and what you want to do differently. If resolutions don’t work for you, create some goals, affirmations, or accountability buddies. Be practical, be realistic–but be ambitious.

Venus in Capricorn (12/26 – 1/19) asks us to examine our values, and see how we are walking our talk. Make budgets, financial plans and goals, and see how you want to create more harmony, beauty, and sensual pleasure in your life. This is a great time to attend to self-care–especially if you feel tired or worn out. The Divine Feminine wants to rise; let her.

Mercury in Cap (1/11/19 – 2/1/19) offers a time to make business plans, do all that serious communicating that we didn’t do during the retrograde, and generally have important communications that are laced with integrity and honor. Get an astrology reading to plan out your year, and to see yourself more clearly.

Saturn in Capricorn (it’s own sign, 12/19/17 – 12/17/20) will be a time of great change, I suspect, especially because Pluto is continuing its work of transforming our society. Ideally, we will all be rebuilding a culture of more equality, responsibility, and integrity–from our families up to our governments. The new agenda for the Capricorn archetype is that of the good father: to create societies where we can all grow and thrive, sharing skills, honoring the earth, and taking practical steps to ensure our survival—and the survival of other species and the planet itself.

But, this may be a hard transit, because there is a lot of resistance to the collapse of old orders. Capricorn and Saturn are inexorable, like water, and they will wear away the rigid, the calcified, the frozen–eventually. If we work with the energy of change it will all be much easier. Again, you can click over to this video, where I talk a little about the transit of Saturn through Cap.

What is YOUR Mountaintop?


The mountain goat is an amazing creature, balancing on crazy ledges with no fear of heights or falling. (I wish I could say the same for my Capricorn self!)

Harnessing Cap energy is all about clarifying your vision and heading up that mountain with the confidence you will succeed.

The dawning of the Capricorn season is a great time to clarify your life purpose and vision, or finally make those career or relationship shifts. As long as you do so in a practical, real-world way.

I’d love to see you for a reading, and help you get that journey organized. What do you finally want to accomplish or explore this year? Let go of? Honor? Create? Working with your birth chart and transits, or diving into your Akashic Records could be just the thing to start your next phase out with confidence, self-trust, and empowerment.


Get your goat on! Personally, I have a goal to do some goat yoga this year, ’cause, honestly,



p.s.: want a personalized download of how and where Capricorn, Saturn, and the rest of the gang are active in your chart? Book your astro reading now!



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