Are You Being Followed?

I’ve been having the sensation the last weeks of being followed.

Not in a creepy someone-is-stalking-me kind of way, thank god.

Deer and roses are following me. No, not some obscure band, but the actual things, that is deer, and roses. Everywhere I go I see images of deer, antlers, or, best of all, real deer, especially a muscled four-point buck who paused in the aspens to look at me while we were both on a walk.

We had quite a moment, he and I. If he’d been a human male, I’d have said he was definitely checking me out.

IMG_1532Ditto the roses. The most visceral of these was retrieving a ball for the neighbor’s dog that I had thrown, he’d lost it, and I had to wade into a thicket of super-thorny wild roses to get the special ball back. I paused as I picked my way through; there were plump, bright red hips punctuating the barren stems; life amidst winter’s austerity.

So. I realize that roses and deer are common things, and that this year antlers are a decorating thing (as I work part-time in retail, I know what’s on-trend, people). But the regularity and odd timing of the followings make me sit up and pay attention.

Recognizing Magic

I happen to enjoy believing in magic. As a mystical lady, I see magic (coincidence, synchronicity, miracle–call it what you like) happening all the time.

Magic is often small and subtle, it’s what some people call grace, and what others name as luck.

I see the being followed thing as snychronicical, (can I make up a word?) magic trying to find its way to me so that I can receive the benefit of, in this case, the deer and the roses.

deer in snowThe deer are reminding me to be gentle and alert. To pay attention and really look at things the way deer do. The masculine version I’m seeing also remind me to be courageous and strong. Male deer–stag, or buck–are often seen as the rulers of the forests, brave leaders, solitary kings. Ok … be strong and courageous when feeling alone, and remember gentleness to myself and the rest of the herd when I’m in company.

Roses have a whole host of meanings, from the practical to the magical. Though people often think of great-grandma when they smell roses, and wrinkle their noses, I love the scent–both the blossoms and the essential oil. Rosalee de Foret, author of the wonderful Alchemy of Herbs, says that “Their scent, their physical beauty, and their medicine fluidly address our physical and emotional health, making it a wonderful medicine for our whole heart.”

Deer is gentle and courageous; rose heals wounds and strengthens the heart.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

In my life sad things are happening, people are suffering, preparing to die. I believe the Universe is sending me rose and deer to remember I am not alone, and that there is always help for us “out/up there.”

I explain this to you, in the invitation for you to notice who or what is following you.

My magics come in the form of objects from nature, because that’s what resonates with me. You might be followed by a song, or a poem, or a character or archetype like warrior, magician, mother … whatever. You may find yourself being followed by a certain Tarot card (this happens to me a lot too). Or a word or concept. Anne Lamott, in her  book Traveling Mercies, has a chapter where she talks about this; her following shadow is forgiveness.

In her situation, she had been praying for help with a difficult person in her life. The magic showed up as endless variations on the concept of forgiveness, the final nudge being the actual word taped to the fridge in someone else’s house.

I could tell more stories involving signs on buses, fortune cookies, and skywriting, but my point is the Divine works in the ways that we can and will see, and it doesn’t matter your religious beliefs or mystical “intelligence.”

Your guides, your higher self, the Divine, all want to help you and answer your prayers or requests for help and guidance. And so often, they speak through magic.

Learning to notice these little, often kind of funny, coincidences is helpful and like finding money on the floor or getting gifts from a secret Santa. Magic makes life delightful and mysterious again, like when we were kids.

(I don’t know about you, but delight and curiosity make life so much more bearable. Especially when the serious shit is going down.)

Can you be curious this month, as we descend towards Yule, the Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah–all celebrations of light and/or magical rebirth–and notice the magic in your life? Can you be awake to coincidence, investigate the meaning or help in what is showing up for you?

Allow life to be a river of metaphor and symbology. Acknowledge the unknowable, then unexplainable.

Have fun, and experience the gift of guidance and help that is there, if we will only see it.



ps: if you need help finding and seeing the meaning of symbols or synchronicities in your life, Tarot is amazing for this! Click here to book your reading.

5 thoughts on “Are You Being Followed?

  1. Love this reminder too. And the questions – I will ponder if I’ve been unwilling to be curious, a soft questioning, rather than reading the news too often and asking, “why, God, why?!??!” Usually with swear words. I will work on softening too. Love you mystic woman.


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