From Chaos Arises Form

I have a dance practice.

It’s improvisational; yet that word doesn’t really describe it. What it looks like is a group of people, primarily women, coming together to enter deeply into their bodies, as individuals, yet part of a community.

Mostly we roll around on the floor, dance with the wall, make funny noises.

We have a teacher, and she guides us, loosely. We have some silence, and some music. We have no direction on how to dance, nor choreography. We are each just pursuing our own authentic desire to move.

For two hours.

There is never any design, and yet we inevitably create a sophisticated, poignant, sometimes humorous, sometimes frenetic or somnolent, choreography.

My teacher says, “when everyone is listening to their breath, I see the forms arise. Forms arise from chaos and dissolve again, and it is incredibly beautiful and satisfying to watch.”

Yet not beauty as in ballet beauty. We are not honed instruments of a classical form. We are lumpy, disheveled, hairy-legged women of all ages and experience.

And what we create, within that two hours, is nothing short of a miraculous metaphor that informs both the micro and macrocosm. We create the universe. We create a dance. A mandala. A form, that is stored forever in the akahsa, rippling infinitely through time.

I experience the profundity of being an inseparable part of the quantum field, through my body, rather than just intellectually.

I experience the exquisite touch of another’s hand, foot, head after long stretches of dancing alone with my eyes closed. Often I don’t see my co-creator, I just feel her and she feels me.

It is connection of the deepest sort. With myself, and with the others in the room.

I can’t help thinking, that if everyone had such an experience, safely, in this way, we really would have less war, hatred, pain, anguish, isolation.

Yes, I am an idealist.

So I leave you with a question: what in your life creates connection in this way? Do you make art? run through the trees? hold crack babies? feed the elderly?

If you say: “I don’t know. I don’t have anything like this,” I urge you to find a place/activity/point of connection that allows you to feel your own divinity and that of others, and informs you that you are not separate or alone or insignificant.

I think that if we all do these small things it has big effects. Like the butterfly’s wings.

Because we are a part of the field of all-that-is, and we do affect each other, endlessly, forever.

We are in the yin time of year. The light gives way to sparkly, succulent darkness. Honor your deep innerworld, the soft pulsing organs resting warmly in the gloaming of your body.

Allow yourself to connect. As T. S. Eliot said, only connect.

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