Unlocking Your Keys to Living A Great Life: Part 1 of the Akashic Soul Profile

Let’s Talk About the Soul Profile.

The main reason to get an Akashic Record reading is to live a better life. A Soul Realignment™ reading does that in two ways:

  1. by revealing your Soul Profile–the key aspects of your soul blueprint that, when you re-align with them, bring greater flow, ease, abundance, and empowerment
  2. in uncovering the hidden (but active) blocks and restrictions that have accumulated over lifetimes of living and making negative (or un-aligned) choices

In this post, I’m going to explain what is in the Soul Profile, and get more in-depth about the most important piece of the Profile–the Energy Qualities.

What Is the Soul Profile?

In the first session of your reading, I’ll explain your whole profile to you and how to embody it. We’ll explore how you are or are not living in alignment with what your soul came here to create and experience.

Although your soul goes through quite a few costume changes from incarnation to incarnation, some basic accoutrement remain the same. Understanding the basic qualities are fundamental to making the most of your life. Learning about the current  incarnational aspects layer on top of your basics, to form the whole picture of what your purpose and “destiny” is in this life.

old book smallerComponents of the Soul Profile

Here is what I read for when I look at your records:

Primary Energy Quality is that quality of which the soul has the most of. In the frame of reference of Soul Realignment™, there are eight energy qualities. I’ll get into this more in the section below. A soul will have one or two qualities in greater proportion to the others. Why do you care about this? Aligning to our primary energy quality creates greater ease, clarity, and flow. This knowledge helps us make decisions about every aspect of our lives, and understand current struggles and lack of fulfillment.

Soul Group of Origination is the original star system “race” that you incarnated in. Most of us did not start our journeys as souls on Earth. Why do you care about this? Understanding essential qualities of your soul group helps in understanding basic aspects of your nature, and how to lead with those best qualities and avoid the shadow areas. I’ll explore this more in-depth in a future post.

Number of spirit guides is just that–how many guides are on your team.

Manifestation awareness tells me how much you are utilizing your creative powers as a soul. We can talk about how to increase this, and how to work in the other aspects of your Soul Profile to create/manifest more easily.

Soul Specializations describe certain strengths or areas of expertise that further delineate your soul’s journey this time round. Why do you care about this? The knowledge helps guide your choices and understand latent talents. Working within our soul specialization helps to create more ease and flow.

Current life themes/lessons are exactly that. Usually we have between two and five that we are working with. Why do you care about this? Again, the knowledge is just another layer that helps guide your choices and understand your life experience, and how to choose differently.

The Most Important Piece: Energy Qualities

Perhaps the most useful piece of the Soul Profile is understanding the energy quality that your soul has most of. We tend to have one or two qualities that are part of our basic soul blueprint, that do not (usually) change over time.

I’ll describe them briefly below, but we’ll dive more deeply into your quality(ies) during your reading. This is the single most important thing to take away from your Soul Profile, in my opinion. Understanding how near or far (usually far) we are away from how our soul most easily expresses and wants to express will radically change your perception of your purpose and processes in career, relationship, creative expression, health and so on.

Each quality possesses a strength and shadow, and you can learn to recognize both.

christmas-2871064_640Once you start to really live in your energy quality, you will see a change in how easeful life becomes. Of course, it is a process to align with your quality, usually because we have been living out of alignment for many lifetimes. But knowing your primary quality is like having a north star to return to again and again, until finally it becomes second nature.

There are eight energy qualities in the Soul Realignment™ frame of reference:

Divine Compassion: souls with this primary quality are compassionate, tolerant, and concerned with the good of the earth and their communities. They are very focused on others, on building lasting resources, and often are concerned with environmental causes. Very other-focused.

Divine Creation: in this energy quality, souls are wanting to experience creating anything and everything, from businesses, to great art, to wealth and earthly empires. The focus is on the creative process, and allowing themselves to constantly be expressing and in motion.  They are grounded in the physical body and in the tangible world, and the expression of the spiritual through the manifest.

Divine Order:  these souls are the organizers, the designers, the creators of structures and systems. They value harmony, beauty, aesthetics, and function.

Divine Love: this energy quality expresses through relating and relationship, and values connection above all. Natural healers who have tolerance, non-judgment, and are attuned to others’ needs and desires, especially in relationship.

Divine Self-Expression: here are the writers, the teachers, the communicators. Those whose souls which to play with the experience of expressing their truth. They love to learn and are natural students. Often very verbal.

Divine Truth: souls with this energy quality are here to recognize and speak the truth. They are incredible observers and are often visionary or intuitive. They help others see their own personal truths.

Divine Power: those with this quality are seeking to understand the power of the soul. They are excellent manifestors, quick thinkers, and often love learning and expressing their creative intent through different mediums. They are here to explore the full expression of free will, and being whatever they want without limitation. Usually energetically sensitive and often psychic.

Divine Wisdom: this quality brings a practical, innate understanding of the laws of the universe and how to use them. These souls are wise, and often are drawn to spiritual paths and spiritual teaching. They are practical, action-oriented, and highly principled.

Soul Profile + Personal Responsibility

When you understand your Soul Profile, you are in a much better position to take responsibility for your life and your choices. This means you get to live a more empowered life. You can take steps to align to your energy quality, be a more active manifestor, work with your spirit guides, and be proactive and conscious about experiencing your life lessons the way YOU want to.

A Soul Realignment™ reading is a platform of empowerment for any other personal growth work you want to do. Honestly, it’s probably been the single most “one stop” tool that I’ve ever encountered. It’s not a magic bullet, but it absolutely can create clarity and transformation for you–if you are willing to take responsibility for your life, your decisions, and your own healing.

Ready to dive in? Book your reading here.

To your empowered life!

Photo on 6-12-17 outside curiousElia


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