Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway: Jupiter’s Transit Through Scorpio

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Someone has said this to you, sometime. It’s a “just do it” kinda phrase, one that very much fits the American ethos of “it’s all possible if you try hard enough.” Now, while I’m not necessarily a proponent of the no pain, no gain attitude, I will say that Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio (October 10) does give us an opportunity to dive in, go big, and reap the rewards of boldness and daring.

I want to get straight into it, ‘cause we’ve all got a lot to read and do.

Why Should You Care About Transits of Jupiter?

JupiterOther planets, like Saturn and Pluto, grab our attention and get all the headlines because they are challenging and rather require us to work on our shit. As we all know, whatever is hard gets our energy, and what is easy just moves along, behind the scenes and off to the side. This is often the case with Jupiter transits. Yet, Jupiter is the bringer of luck and good fortune, people, but if we aren’t paying attention, we’ll miss the opportunities that the big guru planet brings.

Jupiter transits are often like the “easy” aspects in our charts—trines and sextiles—they need to be seized, taken up, worked with in a conscious way.

If we work with Jupiter, the doors we’ve been waiting to open will fling themselves wide; the synchronicities will lead us down wonderful rabbit-holes; the progress will finally be made.

The Essence of Jupiter

Jupiter’s amazing atmosphere

Jupiter is by far the biggest planet in our solar system. As befits a giant, his energy expands and energizes everything it touches. Jupiter rules philosophy, spirituality/spiritual seeking, adventure, fun, higher learning, seeing the big picture, travel/experiencing other cultures, ethics, justice, and the law.

Wherever Jupiter is, if we engage in the activities associated with the house and sign, we will find “luck,” that is, find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Jupiter in your birth chart shows the methods by which you can best actualize your soul’s purpose.

Of course, there is shadow to everything, and the dark side of Jupiter is excess. Too much of anything can become toxic, and we can become very attached to our excesses—be it too much eating, drinking, gambling, or instructing others on what is right.

The Essence of Scorpio

Scorpio gets the baddest rap in the Zodiac—we’re all familiar with the shadow of this sign.scorpion-882383_640 Manipulation, intense willfulness, controlling, mesmerizing. Yep … but that’s not the full picture. Scorpio is actually all about transformation through intense experience, through intimacy, through a willingness to do the work.

Scorpio rules the occult (I.e. Astrology and Tarot), sexuality, death (and rebirth), depth psychology, personal transformation, intimacy, and partnership.

Scorpio longs to plumb the depths of the soul, the mind … and in so doing is willing to reveal secrets, taboos, and all that is “dark.”

Scorpio wants to understand power: personal, shared, collective … this includes the spectrum of both dis-and empowered experience.

The Essence of the Transit

So we have a year to work with Jupiter in this sign, and I think it may be fairly obvious that we are going to see an expansion of all things Scorpio, both in the meta—the world—and in our personal lives.

If we are willing to talk about what comes up—be it sexual abuse and issues of power or how we manipulate and use/misuse money, for example—then Jupiter will help us grow out of what is no longer useful, truthful, beneficial. Jupiter can help us leave behind the distortions of Scorpio, if we are willing to go there.

To make the most of this transit, you need to:

  • Pay attention to what is getting your attention: are you called to explore grief work? Shadow work? Metaphysics? Do it!
  • Notice where your edge is … especially as relates to Scorpio themes. Are you interested in expanding your sexual experience? Is there healing to do around a betrayal? Around the death you’ve experienced in your life? Do you need to seriously address money issues with a partner? Do it!
  • As I mentioned … feel the fear and do it anyway. What aspect of your life contains both fear and excitement? This may be related to the above, of course. We tend to back away from what scares us; this is healthy if actual physical survival is at stake. But Jupiter rewards a little walking on the wild side. Don’t traumatize yourself (excess), but be daring, be bold.
  • If you can, find out what areas of your birth chart Jupiter is transiting through. Likely it will be a couple of houses. This will help you drill down into the areas of life that can most benefit from the above. Astro.com will generate a free chart for you if you have your birth data, and there are plenty of sites out there that can instruct you on how to find Jupiter and Scorpio in your chart (cafeastrology.com is a good one).

Examples of how Jupiter in Scorpio May Manifest Individually

use-jupiter-transits-astrology-forecasts-800x800Weinstein. Jupiter is shining a light on his excessive misuse of sexual power. He, however odious we find him, has the power to transform through this experience, as of course do all the women affected.

I have a friend who, rather inexplicably, is called to explore grief work, and at the same time is learning to be a hospice volunteer. This is not something he has ever wanted to do before. Jupiter begins it’s transit in my friend’s 12th house and spends the bulk of it’s time in the 1st. By answering the call to understand the processes of this universal experience (death) and the power of compassion and expression of grief (all very 12th house), he will have an opportunity to transform himself and his very orientation to the world and his own life (1st house).

My partner’s son, who is 16, recently was invited to participate in a group at school that is exploring positive attributes to living: active listening, compassion, positive thinking, giving and receiving appreciation and gratitude. This is a small group of students and teachers who are learning to model awareness and consciousness in aid of preventing teen suicide. The transit starts in this young man’s 11th house (the tribe, community, larger society) and is bringing wisdom and light to a very taboo topic—suicide. I have no doubt that this will help our teenager to navigate some very difficult times ahead, and help him develop universal compassion, awareness, and empathy (12th house—where the Jupiter transit will finish up).

I have Jupiter in the third and fourth houses of my chart. I’m embarking on a creative writing project that—while a bit nebulous at the moment—will explore themes of women’s empowerment (a personal issue for me), death, transformation and survival. I know enough about writing fiction to know that my characters’ themes are inevitably my own. As well I am deepening my study of the Akashic Records and other aspects of astrology (3rd house, study and writing). I know that in the coming year I will likely experience the death of an ill and aging family member, and my family (4th house) will be working with all those attendant issues that accompany a literal death. All of this is going to help me grow as a practitioner, woman, daughter, sister, writer.

Jupiter Through the Houses HeadPIC_astrology

I want to give you some keywords to work with, if you want to work with this transit yourself. Get a free chart from the resources I mentioned above, or of course—book a reading with an astrologer!

First House

Issues of self, orientation to the world, personal growth/development, explorations of personal power and desire. If you have Scorpio on the Ascendant you are likely very familiar with the energy of the Scorpion, and indeed this is your soul’s current “mystery school.” Follow personal threads that are calling to you.

Second House

Values, earned income (as opposed to money you share/owe), survival, embodiment, grounded identity. You may benefit from working on money issues/values/beliefs, exploring new ways to make money, or expanding/enjoying your sensual appetites. If you are having survival issues, facing up to what’s present, rather than freaking out or engaging in denial, will help you transform the beliefs and behaviors that perhaps got you there in the first place.

Third House

Writing, communication, learning, exploring the world right around you. Expansion and growth can come from any edgy foray into the communication arts. Maybe there’s some work to do with your neighbors or siblings to heal rifts or wounds. Or respond to the call to develop psi powers like telepathy!

Fourth House

Family of origin, emotional self-reliance, land and home. Jupiter’s transit through this house will inevitably bring up family stuff—so it’s a good time to transform inherited limiting beliefs, work on emotional co-dependency, and allow light to shine on family secrets or taboos. Big work here, but worth it.

Fifth House

Creativity and self-expression. Relationships with children. Embark upon the project that scares you, and brings you to the threshold of your own soul. Go deep with creative work … possibly collaborate or partner, if that feels juicy. Listen to how your soul wants to really, truly express.

Sixth House

Health, service, the daily round of life, pets. Pay attention to health issues here, especially concerning the reproductive system and organs of elimination. Ditto for your pets. Growth comes when you explore your relationship to your own health, and personal empowerment through being healthy. A great time to address the spiritual/emotional aspects of weight issues or any chronic concern. Do the deep work to heal. Create some ritual for your daily life, and bring in more self-inquiry.

Seventh House

Relationships of importance: partners, clients, friends, adversaries. Balancing self and other. There may be a lot of opportunities to get into relationships, or to heal and examine existing ones. Be mindful of power struggles. Benefit comes when you examine your own motives, emotional issues, and beliefs around relationships. Big transformation is possible in this realm, as it usually involves a level of intimacy and trust.

Eighth House

This is like double Scorpio, as the eighth is the natural house of the Scorpion. You are going to be asked to work the hell out of all the Scorp stuff, but there is going to be tremendous regeneration and transformation possible if you do. Safe sex—Jupiter is expansive and fertile. Could be a heavier year for you with this placement.  Do not resist; you’ve got this.

Ninth House

Spiritual beliefs, travel, higher education, spiritual teachers. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house, and so is at home here. Look for opportunities to travel in aid of your soul’s growth. Respond to interests in teachers or systems of beliefs. Dive deep into whatever feels transformative. Be careful of excess and over-identifying with teachers or gurus, and practice safe sex while traveling.

Tenth House

Career, social standing, elder/leadership. This could be a big year to grow in your work, especially if you answer the call to work on shadow aspects of power, money, and control.

Eleventh House

Tribe, community, humanitarian causes, larger friend groups. What opportunities arise/call to you to participate in causes larger than yourself? This may be where the world-work gets done in areas of sexual/domestic abuse/violence, inequality/inclusiveness, economic justice, and other social issues that relate to Scorpio. You can be part of the change!

Twelfth House

The meta, collective unconsciousness, Divine compassion and wisdom, the Great Unknown. Jupiter’s transit here may feel slippery and hard to get ahold of. But don’t shy away from working with topics around grief, death, afterlife, and the Big Issues. It may be you have many questions about the Great Unknown that you are afraid to explore—but do it! Jupiter supports your efforts to be a vehicle for more love and compassion.

At the End of the Day ….

beyondAstrology works whether you believe in it or not. The planets do not make us do things, but their energies are present and active. Why not work with them in awareness?

Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio will involve some effort, will possibly include some uncomfortable moments. But all of this represents opportunity for growth and self-empowerment. We have to be aware. Looking around, willing to seize the gold nuggets rushing by us in the river of our lives. Jupiter isn’t going to magic-wand your life, but if you meet him at the table, standing in your own power, the gifts are yours for the taking. And there’s more than enough to go around.

If you want to work with me to explore Jupiter’s transit in your chart, I’m offering a written report special for $55. The report will explore Jupiter’s transit, and how it works with your overall Soul’s intent as expressed through your birth chart. This is a “hand written” (well, you know, not literally) report—not computer generated.

Use this form to order your report.

Enjoy the Jupiter ride!



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