How To Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides



Have you ever wished that you had a wise mentor, someone to help you with all the challenges of daily life? A compassionate, neutral friend to guide you toward your intentions—without an agenda?

Have you ever been in a time of deep emotional need, and felt you had no one to turn to for support or guidance?

If you answer yes, you aren’t alone! Most of us have felt the lack of guidance and support at various times in our lives. And while most folks who are on a spiritual path have some kind of communication or prayer they practice with their concept of the Divine, most of us don’t feel a personal connection to guidance and spiritual mentorship. Even those with a spiritual teacher may find themselves in need of more deeply personal mentoring.

So, what to do? Call on the Team!

The truth is—we do have this mentoring, guidance, and non-judgmental, loving support available at all times. From our spirit guide team!

Spirit Guides 101

Everyone has a spirit guide team. There are no exceptions to this. Even those who are severely limited in development, or who we might consider bad or evil, they have guides.

We have at least one guide present with us from birth to death, and the average number of guides on a team is 4-6. We “hire” our guides throughout childhood, adolescence, and sometimes into our 20s, as we become more independent and make more decisions—and need more guidance.

Guides are always available and present, but they do need our invitation and participation in order to really jump in and work with us. But if we have no awareness of them, and how to contact them or how to receive their messages—much of the help available to us from the spiritual world goes undetected and unused.

Guides can inspire, advise, brainstorm, and offer loving support and acceptance. But they won’t run our lives for us.

Our spirit guides have been incarnate in human form, and though they have chosen to express their soul’s divinity as discarnate guides, they are well-versed in the human, third dimensional experience. So they know what we’re going through.

Our guides are served by being our guides; there is no obligation that we be good little students and follow their guidance or always be good and happy with them. It’s ok for you to get angry at a guide, or frustrated … just as it’s ok to laugh, joke, and express gratitude and curiosity.

Guides come in many forms, and have many soul groups of origination, just like we do. They may present as male or female or androgynous. They may have a human appearance or just appear as a blob of color. You may have a name you use with them, or not. How we perceive and speak to them is largely for our comfort, not theirs.

Which brings us to …

How Do I Make Contact With My Guides?

There are a few ways—really, there are probably as many ways as there are people! But the most common are through meditation, guided visualization, dreams, automatic writing, art-making, and, rarely, through extreme circumstances like near death experiences.

Placeholder ImageSome people hear their guides, others see colors or shapes or even full imagery. One client I have channels her guides aloud and records the information on her phone. There’s really no wrong way.

The first step is to make that initial contact and meet them. You can do that with me, in a Spirit Guide Reading, you can do that on your own with a guided visualization, or you can simply sit down in meditation and ask to meet them, keeping track of impressions that come to you through your high sense perception.

The second step is to play with ways of working with them. I love automatic writing, but I’m a writer. Sometimes I hear them. Experiment: you may see messages and signs from them in books or films, you may do oral channelling, you may access them in your dreams.

The third step to crafting this relationship is to take action on the guidance they give you. Usually guides are quite practical and won’t guide you in some direction that isn’t your intention. Then see how you feel about their support. Guides can help you clarify your intentions, can help you see what might be the most aligned choice, but they won’t make decisions for you.

Finally, express your gratitude to them, and be yourself. While the relationship is “unseen,” it is real. You may work with one or two guides more than others, and that’s ok. But they are all there to help, all the time.

How Do I Know it’s Them, and Not Just My Head?

A common question, and one that takes practice. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Guides will NEVER give you advice to harm yourself or another in any way.
  • Our team will not say “do this, go there, do that” … although they do make suggestions if we ask practical questions.
  • Guidance that is judgy, critical, or obviously negative is your mind
  • If you are channelling or trying automatic writing, the information will come quickly and easily. If you have to think about it, you’ve gone into your own mind.
  • Guides have distinct voices and personalities. Sometimes they are crude, or seem to speak with an accent, or in a stilted tone; you will recognize that they are not you—not the typical voices you have in your head that are ego/parts-based.
  • Guides do not have information about other people’s lives … they will not deliver advice for your kid or your boyfriend.
  • Our team isn’t mean. Some of them may be quite neutral, but they won’t ever be mean, or do something to harm you. They may have tough love sometimes, but there will always be love present.
  • Our guides will not “jump into our bodies” or in any way interfere with our decisions or karma.

There’s more I could say, but I’d rather sign off, and send you over to this guided visualization to get you started making contact with your guides. Or if you are ready to meet your team and want a jump start, book the Spirit Guide Reading.

Remember, our guides are an incredible resource that are here for us, 24/7. They offer unconditional love, inspired wisdom, and have the ability to access spiritual knowledge that we don’t quite have the ability to see yet. A relationship with even one of your guides will enrich your life, help you feel less alone in this human experience, and create a life that is in true alignment with who you are at soul level. Plus, it’s fun!

All right … have fun … go play! If you run into difficulty, drop me a line.

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