How Can An Akashic Record Reading Help My Relationship?

“Why do I always attract the same type of guy?”

“Why can’t I meet someone?”

“Will I ever have a relationship with my child/mother/sister again?”

“How can I get over my relationship stuff—can I just hit the delete button?”

I have heard all of these questions so many times (well, the last one only once)—and they are such poignant, legitimate concerns! Ones I’ve had myself and spent years working through, so I know how it feels to be so frustrated in this area.

And, I know that it is super easy to go on a workshop and reading binge, jumping from one program to the next, from one type of reader to another, trying to get fixed.

News flash: you aren’t broken.

Hard truth: no one can “fix” our problems except us

Fun fact: information from the Akashic Records can reveal blocks and restrictions that are impacting our lives and relationships—and we can shift and clear these blocks!

Akashic RecordsWhat Kind of Information is in the Akashic Record?

Everything. Like, really, every decision your soul has ever made. It’s like a fabulous holographic database that could show the movie (a long one!) of your entire history of human incarnation—and possibly beyond.

Your soul profile is available to view: your soul group of origination, your main energy qualities, number of spirit guides and your level of connection to intuition and manifesting powers.

I can also see any kind of block that you are ready to heal: vows, karma, contracts, and even attached souls or entities.

If you are having a relationship reading, I can also see blocks specific to your and the other soul’s relationship, as well as their soul profile information.

How Can Reading My Record Help My Relationship?

There are three main aspects to any relationship reading, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

  1. Investigating soul groups and energy qualities. These two components will reveal so much about your own nature, your love language, and how you approach relating. And, of course, it reveals the same about the other soul. This helps you understand how to show love, ask for love, and the basic qualities each of you bring to your life. This leads to a practical understanding of how to compromise, honor differences, and create more harmony.
  2. Naming and understanding your own and the other’s life lessons. We can see how your relationship supports and interacts with the life lessons of both souls.
  3. Uncovering the blocks and restrictions that affect your relationship in specific, and for you generally. Where possible we clear those blocks and create a template for better choices. Some karma can’t be cleared, but it can always be worked with. The awareness of specific karma and how it is impacting your relationship can lead to choices that can “complete” the outstanding karmic debt, so you can move forward.

After an Akashic relationship reading, you will have a greater understanding of yourself, the other soul, and the purpose of the relationship. You will know how to create more harmony and balance, and have a clearer idea of how to create new patterns that serve both of you better. Old, outdated energies can be cleared to make way for the new!

If you are currently not in a romantic relationship, but want to find out more about shifting your patterns and blocks, and finding your true, deep “yes” to relationship, this is a perfect focus for a Life Situation reading.

Can I Look At My Own Record?artificial-intelligence-2167835_640

Anyone can access the Akashic Records. I had experiences of doing so long before I was trained in a method for accurately and ethically reading them. It’s not secret information—though you should have another’s permission (in most cases) to look at their record.

The issue with reading without training is accuracy and relevance. There is so much data there! Looking back on my experience, I could definitely see information, but I couldn’t always figure out what to do with it, or how it related to my life, and I definitely didn’t know how to clear what I found. But there were also times that a trip to the records was illuminating and helpful. Which is the point!

How Can I Get A Reading?

You can book an Akashic Relationship reading from this link—or a Life Situation reading if that is more appropriate.

If you are wondering how to choose between Astrology and Akashic Records for your relating work, check out this article.

For more information about the Akashic Records, read here, or check out the FAQ page.

Got Q’s with no A’s in the foregoing? Drop me a line!

And, I’d love to hear of any experiences you’ve had with the Akashic Records, either on your own or from other types of readers. It’s a fascinating topic, and one I love to chat about!

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