How Do We Know The Akashic Records are REAL?

cropped-book-863418_1920.jpgI was sitting with a client, just savoring a quiet moment after relaying some information from her Akashic Record.

“Wow,” she said. “That was so resonant. I mean, like really so. How do you get this information? I still don’t get how or where or what these records are … like—are they real?

While many clients are just happy to take the info, clearing, and space for new possibilities and run with it, just as many are curious about the Akashic Records themselves. I get it; I’m an information geek too, and that has prompted me to study a bit more about the Akashic Records from different angles. I’ll be writing a series on this, so if this article whets your appetite for more, stay tuned.

The Akashic Records are “real,” in the sense that everything on some level is real. We can’t see them with our regular vision, we can’t touch them with our hands. But like quantum particles—those bits and bobs of the universe that make up everything—the records exist, and are perceivable through the universal field of “in-formation” that contains all the data about everything, everywhere, ever.


Read, on traveller. I’m going to do my best to interpret this crazy fun scientific stuff I’ve been reading. (No, I never took physics. Ever. So this is all a good brain stretcher for me too!)


Physics & the Akashic Field

I’ve been reading the works of Ervin Laszlo, a Hungarian-born philosopher, who is recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory. His work in recent years has centered on the formulation and development of the “Akasha Paradigm,” the new conception of cosmos, life and consciousness emerging at the forefront of the contemporary sciences.”

His quest, as a thinker, philosopher, and human scientist, is to establish an “integral theory of everything.” He is not alone on this quest, and his research dives into the realm of physics, consciousness studies, quantum biology, and more.

Although String Theory and other abstruse ideas on the nature of the Universe have not been proved, many amazing aspects of the Universe have been observed, and lead to the formulation of fairly solid concepts of what is going on out there. For example, there are fields that are present, though not observable with the five senses. These include the gravitational field, the electromagnetic field, various quantum fields, and the Higgs field.

Laszlo posits that the existence of an additional field, one that contains information, is possible and likely, given the observed behavior of entities—molecules, people, galaxies—that are distant from each other (and not physically connected).


What the Heck? And/or So What?

Basically scientists have observed that particles act upon each other, even if separated by immense distances. And they act upon each other in a way that happens so fast (faster than the speed of light, by a long shot) that there must be a way that they are informing each other. Laszlo actually uses the term “in-formation” to differentiate between data, or knowledge, and the “subtle, quasi-instant, non-evanescent and non-energetic connection between things at different locations in space and events at different points in time.” (1)

In science the term for these antics of matter is called nonlocal; in consciousness studies it’s called transpersonal.

The so what—means that we really are connected everywhere and all the time, and that our behavior has an impact on the actual Universe. And that the behavior of all things everywhere has an impact on us.

Additionally, physicists can detect waves (which contain information) within the quantum vacuum. Just like waves on the ocean can tell us about the object that made that wave, so the waves in the Universe contain information. Waves on the sea would never disappear if there weren’t external forces like wind, land, or gravity to act upon them. They would exist forever with the story of the ship (or dolphin, whale, whatever) that made them: location, speed, size and so on.

The quantum vacuum is not empty; rather it is full of something that contains this in-formation. Laszlo calls this the Akashic Field. Here’s why:

Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means ether. Ether is—spirit, space, something that is all encompassing. Indian philosophy accepted akasha as the first or initializing element, after which follow earth, air, fire, water. Laszlo says that “Akasha … is the womb from which everything we perceive with our senses has emerged and into which everything will ultimately redescend. The Akashic Record is the enduring record of all that happens, and has ever happened, in the whole of the universe.” (2)

hologram city

Akashic Records as A Hologram

Ok, deep breath. I can’t really figure out how all this in-formation gets recorded two-dimensionally on the periphery of the Universe, but many physicists theorize that it does. And just as a hologram creates a three-dimensional picture of two-dimensional information under the right circumstances (think Star Wars, R2D2, Princess Leia), we see the Universe in three dimensions because the data of the Universe is stored as a hologram.

Now, this is a theory, and one that is still debated between scientists and consciousness researchers. But it does explain why the Akashic Records can appear to me (and others) as a place I can go to (with my consciousness), as well as how the information about a certain soul can instantly download into my brain.

Many fun links to geek out more: (no affiliates)

The Akashic Field & Consciousness

All things in the Universe make waves, which contain information. This includes our brains. Waves from our brains (and bodies) emanate out into the Universe, interacting with the waves from every other thing—including the brains and bodies of other people.

This is easy to validate on the simplest level. Have you ever been minding your own business, absorbed in a task, say, and have the sudden urge to look up, only to find that someone is staring at you? This is a basic example of feeling the energy that someone else is sending out, in a fairly directed way. Barbara Brennan talks about this in her books, Hands of Light, and Light Emerging, and she was able to see the energy moving around clairvoyantly.

Also, the waves we send out are partially absorbed by those who encounter it (which confirms, in my mind, the efficacy of energy healing), as well as being partially reflected back to the originator (remember the adage, what you send out returns to you three-fold?). Laszlo asserts that “the interference of the … wave fields creates an overall pattern, and this pattern is effectively a hologram [of] … the objects that created the wave fields.” (3)

All our thoughts and actions become a part of our hologram, which never ceases to exist. Our holograms are part of a “superhologram” of our tribe, country, culture, etc. These superholograms become even larger “super-superholograms,” and thus form the collective holographic record of all of humanity (and indeed everything else), ever.


How to Tune In to the Akashic Records

We can attune our consciousness to resonate with the Akashic Records. Like a tuning fork, once we know the frequency we are seeking, we can tune ourselves to it. The easiest tuning is between ourselves and our own hologram—our long-term memory.

How well one is able to tune in to the resonance of the Records, and tune out the competing frequencies (data pouring in from our five senses, for example) is equivalent to the integrity of the information we receive.

Truly anyone can access the Akashic Records; it is an open field. And you do it all the time, just to access your own memory. I used to go there, before I knew really what it was, when I meditated and wanted assistance for my own life, or in my early days as an energy healer. Many people teach how to access the Records, and I recommend working with someone who has learned to tune their instrument. There is a ton of info in the Records, obviously, and it does take some training to access what will be accurate and useful for yourself or another.

But you can play with this idea of the Akashic Field and Records, and observe in your own life the little synchronicities that happen, like when you know who is on the phone as it rings, or you have a prophetic dream, or simply have that feeling of “knowing” what someone was going to say or do. People call this coincidence, or clair—something. But really, it’s just accessing the universally available field of in-formation that surrounds us.

Cool, huh?

Photo on 6-12-17 outside curiousInterested in receiving an Akashic Record reading? Check out my offerings, and the FAQ page. You also might be interested in this article, about energy healing. And I’d love to hear about your experiences with the Akashic Field, so leave a comment below.

Science and the Akashic Field, Laszlo, Ervin, 2007. P. 68
2 Ibid, frontispiece.
3 Ibid, p.114.


5 thoughts on “How Do We Know The Akashic Records are REAL?

  1. I am interested in the knitting technique called swaving or striking the loop practiced by the knitters in Dent Dale in the 17th century and on to the early 20th century. Would it be possible for an Akashic reader to focus on some of the people who either used or taught this method to give a description of how the technique worked, how it was done, and rescue this information from fading into total obscurity?


    1. This is a fascinating question! I think it’s possible–as until it’s been tried and found impossible, who knows?–but it’s not the kind of information that I would typically get. It’s not like the Records are like a giant, accessible encyclopedia of all history and time (in my experience), and I don’t ever go and ‘find’ people/events from history, unless I’m accessing a past life for someone, and that is always whatever the Guides want to show the person (via me). It’s ‘true’ that the Akashic field supposedly holds all information, but most people are accessing the records to learn about their own soul’s timeline, rather than pure historical data. Again, that has been my experience both as a reader and someone receiving Akashic readings. But another reader might have techniques to access that kind of data.


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