How Does Energy Healing Work?

“I love my sessions with you, Elia. But I still don’t understand how it works. Especially long distance–you should write about that for your blog!”

This was a comment from one of my clients, and I realized she was right. Over the years probably the most frequently asked question about my healing sessions is how does energy healing work?

I’m not going to jump into some super scientific discussion of quantum physics, because I think most of us have at least heard of the theories that we are all energy: every thing, person, and even thoughts are just bundles of vibrating energy expressing as both particles and waves.

Time and space are not actually the linear, rule-bound phenomena we think they are. Einstein had a phrase “spooky action at a distance” (quantum nonlocality) that described how particles separated by space acted upon and with each other as if they were not separate at all. Like a healer and their distant client whose energies can interact though separated by space. Healers send thoughts, light, and energies charged with intentions to the recipient–all of which can travel instantly and effortlessly.

This is the short answer as to how it works. The next question to tackle is why it works.

person silhouette aloneIntention, Attention, & the Power of Belief

Deepak Chopra, among others, talks a lot about the power of intention and attention.

Intention is a plan or aim to do/have/be/create something. The more clear and focused the intention, the more powerful it is.  I often have layered intentions with my clients: that of working for the highest good of all and harming none; intending the energy to go where I direct it; and that the energy will affect the client in the way they have specified. (I love how the New Oxford Dictionary defines the medical definition of intention as “the healing process of a wound.”)

Attention, then, is what/where we decide to focus our thoughts, time, energy etc. In terms of healing, I will set an intention to work with a client’s development of personal power, say, and then focus my attention of the third chakra (the seat of personal power in the energy body). Once I see what needs attending to, I focus my will and intention to create the  healing process. My attention stays with the client, deeply grounded in contact with their body/energy body. With the Brennan-based work that I do, the healing can get quite technical, or be as simple as energizing the chakra.

Energy healing can be quite straightforward, and the practitioner simply sends energy to4-gfgb12hfa-london-scout the recipient via thought and intention. You’ve done this when you’ve prayed for a sick friend, or laid a hand on your child’s boo-boo, or kissed it better.

Some systems, like Brennan Science or Core Individuation™ are elaborate and specific and require a significant amount of training by the healer to learn. Reiki–in my experience–falls somewhere in the middle, and is a system that many people are familiar with.

Belief is the component which is entirely up to you. Because our thoughts are so powerful, if you believe energy healing works, it will. If you don’t, it may not be effective (although I’ve seen it work subtly on many skeptics) or the results may not be as impactful. I have had clients who resisted the efficacy of energy healing even as they were buying sessions–though I tend to refer those types of folks elsewhere. If you are curious but unsure, try a session with someone. Be open. You may be wonderfully surprised!

I offer packages of three healing sessions, so contact me if you’d like to book.  I work mainly long distance, but if you are in the Boulder area, we can work something out for in-person sessions.


All this being said, I have to offer my disclaimer here that energy healing is not a replacement for medical attention. In my own experience I have found that energy work augments and supports medical practices. I am not a doctor, and this article is not meant to diagnose, treat, or recommend anything. In fact–be very wary of any energy practitioner that tells you that you don’t need medical care if you have a serious condition or diagnosis. Use your common sense.

Want to geek out?

The best way to learn about energy healing is to receive it, or study it. In the meantime, here are some resources to jumpstart your Googling.

The Field by Lynne McTaggart

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