Is Once Enough?

Have you ever had a reading and wished that you had asked a few more questions or made an action plan in that last five minutes? Or maybe you came away full of new insights but also had some big stuff come up, and felt alone and unsure about working with those feelings?

Or maybe, you just got so much information you didn’t really know how to begin integrating it all?

These are common, classic responses to getting a great reading, and I’ve felt them myself, many times.

So, I started thinking about offering packages and coaching, so that I could help support my clients who really wanted to work with the insights and healing they got from their readings.

I really feel that with both Akashic Records and Astrology, the amount of information that I’m giving you is too much for 60 minutes, or even 90. And although I do offer stand-alone sessions still, I’m happy to say that now you can buy packages of sessions, and settle into a supportive relationship with me as I help you create the changes you want to see in your life.

And, I get that there is totally a time and place for one-off readings. So I wanted to write an article about when once is enough, and when it isn’t.

Committing to Change

Ok. So, if you really are going to make change in your life, your relationships, your work, you need to commit to it. I can give you tons of tools, clear things from your records, rebuild your chakras. But you are the one who has to make those changes bear fruit in the real world. You have to change your neural pathways. Open some new doors. Shift your habit-brain to the new paradigms we’ve set-up and explored.

If you are like me, sometimes you are a total rock star, get your big girl pants on, and go to town on that change bizness. You dazzle yourself and the world. Whatever you took away from our sessions sticks, and you feel like you are flying.

Aaaaand …. sometimes you come away with a load of new intentions, inspiration, and “ahas,” only to lose your will, momentum, or insight in the whirl of daily life. You dimly remember that reading, and how you were going to do that new thing, because your Venus is in trine to Uranus now, with Jupiter supporting … or how you were really, really, psyched to work with your new spirit guides. And . . . nuthin’ happens.

I have totally done this. Even when you’ve got a recording of the reading and listen again, it may be that the momentum you had doesn’t really carry you through any lasting change. And then you are still at square one, and then you get another reading a few months later, and on it goes.

Change takes inner motivation. It takes time.

Change is pretty unsettling, even if it’s “good change.” And that takes courage. Requires support.

friendship-2156172_640Yeah, you see what I’m getting at here. Imagine if you had that support to really understand your story and how you want to edit and adapt it to suit your current life.

Imagine yourself with a loving relationship that works, the clarity you need, the freedom from an ancient limiting belief. Imagine your shoulders relaxing, and your heart opening.

This is what we can have, together, if we just take the time to do a little work together.

Pros & Cons of Packages

Sometimes a list is helpful. You might not resonate with all of these things, and feel free to make your own list. But from the inside, as a practitioner and also a client of other folks, here are my thoughts.


  • commitment to yourself expressed in time, money, intention = real change
  • support to make those changes
  • time to integrate multiple levels of healing, with guidance
  • support in crafting and taking practical action steps
  • less expensive than one-off readings purchased over time
  • a growth in your own knowledge about the sacred arts
  • building a relationship with a compassionate ally (me!) who is truly there for you


  • higher initial investment of time and money
  • greater commitment of time and energy, when you might not be in the right “phase” for it

(I’ll be writing about these “phases” soon, but you can check out the work of Martha Beck–specifically Finding Your Own North Star for more info)

Pros & Cons of One-off Readings

Some modalities, like Tarot, are really suited for one-off readings. But with Akashic Records, Astrology, and energy work, you can benefit either way.


  • sometimes you just need “fast-food”–that burst of info/insight that moves you along
  • easy to fit into a busy schedule
  • gives you a chance to try out a practitioner or a modality (actually, I recommend this)
  • if you are in a phase of the transition process where you don’t have a lot of bandwidth, a short and sweet reading can be just the thing
  • affordable


  • big download, no real energy to do anything about it
  • easy to just kinda forget about
  • no idea how to practically apply the info
  • sometimes one session gets things “loose,” but you have no support for navigating a healing crisis or the results initiated by one reading/session
  • confusion and frustration

I think that I have honestly experienced all of these “cons” as a client. I saw my best results in making lasting change in my life when I had more sessions, support of practitioners, and actual training on how to work with the sacred arts myself. Even though I am a super internally motivated person, who loves to puzzle out meanings, applications, and practicalities, it’s exhausting to always do that alone.

Look–I’m here, doing my thing. If you are new to me, or to one of my modalities, look at the topics covered by my various readings. Maybe something is perfect for you right now, and you can get a sense of my style. I support and recommend this.

If you know me or feel ready to commit to something more expansive–like some real progress in your personal growth or in your relationships, then look at my Astrology or Akashic Record packages, and contact me to discuss what’s right for you (15 minute clarifying consult is totally free).

Whatever you choose, I know you will be as excited about your story as it unfolds as I am to transmit it to you. Whether you are curious, committed, even confused, there’s practical fun we can have together through the sacred arts.

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